Sunday, June 28, 2020

George Floyd

Video at Buffalo protest shows police pushing 75-year-old man, Gugino

Martin Gugino is an 75 years old man who was pushed in Buffalo by the the police when he walked up to  them. He fell and broke his skull, which hardly was meant neither by him or the police. He is now recovering but wil need lots of rehabitation.

Some people say that he went to the police to try  to return the helmet that was in his hand. Was it really a police helmet and not his own? Who on earth tries to return a helmet to people in riot gear, where would they put it? They are not the Lost and Found  dept.

Later someone said  he had in his lawsuit said that he was returning it. I have not been able to find anything about the lawsuit  but in an article  I  saw  a photo of him holding  "a helmet with a clear face”  that at least looks similar to a police helmet. He had earlier written that such a helmet would help both against the virus and being pummelled.

It is difficult to see what happens with the first policeman as Gugino's body partly covers what he does. Then the second cop gets closer  and it looks as if Gugino would show the phone to him. Showed the phone again towards the second one. Then pulls the phone down, points with it at him again twice, while looking down at the phone,  pulls it back. A third man coming closer to the first one from behind him, extending his hand behind him. The second one extends his right hand, pulls it back a bit, extends it again. Is he pushing or is he trying to grasp Gugino? His hand does not seem to touch G. yet. Cannot know if G.  is already falling as one cannot see his feet. Then he is clearly falling and the policeman shouts. His hand is close to G. when he is already falling, policeman still shouting. Because Gugino's body is in the way, you cannot see if he pushes or tries to grasp?  After some 5 seconds one can see just a small pool of blood, after 10-12 seconds it is at least three times larger, it looks quite dark. In the first instance you can see it is coming from his ear. Nothing is said of a scalp wound, they bleed a lot. I have fallen twice on my head inside and hit my head, there was so much blood from a fairly small wound that I had to cover it with a towel before getting to the doctor. I have fallen twice on my head backwards because of ice on the road, with a sound, and my  head did not  crack, no blood came out of my ear, and I was able to get up and catch a bus. I was then 79 years of age.

What did  the  President mean with "He fell harder than he was pushed"? I have only experienced falling on ice, and there the feet are swept from under you so quickly that  you are down before you even understand you are falling.

Many commentators naturally blame the cops not helping him. One at least tries to bend to see him better, but is stopped by another. One cop is using his radio, could be calling for help. Usually they just show the video where he falls and the police are standing but there is more video (CBC video) where you can see that people from the National Guard have arrived to tend to him in some 15 seconds and in 27 seconds you see the ambulance arrive. These are just estimates when I have tried to count seconds

All kinds os speculation is rife, it  would help if Gugino's attorney could tell us why he went and shoved  his phone close to the cops several times. They probably do not want us to know.

He probably used a Drive-By NFC Hack.

TYT calls him a national hero. One commentator under a Gugino video ( there are quite a number of them on YouTube) says that there was a Martin Gugino Twitter account that since has been deleted, with a tweet saying: "We have them scrambling won't be long now" &  night before "Fuck the police" 

 WBFO’s Mike Desmond was filming the whole thing.

Martin is a professional agitator, said one commentator, went there to cause trouble and get on video... he did a good job. Unfortunately that is close to the truth.

The police department has later said the cops were obeying orders. Those words of course have  an ominous sound as they are used of the  Nazis dealing with the Jews. In this case, not obeying orders by pushing him but  orders to not  stop the formation because the National Guard was tending to him in some 15 seconds and the ambulance arrived in some 27 seconds. I really find that commentators go overboard, talking as if no-one helped Gugino. One writes: "Those cops didn't just assault Martin. They assaulted you, me and all our brothers and sisters working tirelessly for justice."

"Not one of those cops stopped to give aid and comfort to the man. NOT ONE!" said another one"  Is this fair? People did come in 15 seconds. People just have to hate and they do not even try to see anything but their own agenda.

I made some question on one video and was attacked by one person:  ausfi he was an old man who’s probably facing a bit of senescence. And seriously! He deserved to be shoved like that for touching someone? Goodness you’re stupid. Sorry, had to be said

Then she continues: ausfi the entire thread is mostly people defending the actions of the officers involved and sentiments of the same. Stupid sentiments come from stupid people and if you even hint at defending this then you’re equally as stupid. Sorry

Well, she apologizes, but why do people not understand that I cannot really be offended by people I do not know. But she is wrong, most people in this and other videos are against the police, saying they are terrible for not stopping to help Gugino.

There is more to Gugino than what has been mentioned here.

There is already one bill for police reform but more is needed.

26. Jun.The House passes the Democratic-led police reform bill 236-181

Sunday, June 07, 2020

‘Deeply Broken’: Chris Hayes On What Buffalo PD Video Shows About Cultur...

Today in the Rose Garden reporters were surprised to see that their chairs were closer together. When he spoke the president  claimed that the Covid-19 situation was so much better that even the reporters are sitting closer together. So he uses people for propaganda purposes. It was not the reporters who had set the chairs closer.

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