Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Strange spring

4th  of May

10 May

I had forgotten to publish this article, so it is the wrong place.

This has been a crazy spring! On April 7, plus 15 degrees, then between 2 and 10, minus 3 on April 29, plus 24 on May 6, plus  1 and 2 on May 10,

Seventh of May

 30th May



The 4th of July celebrations in Oslo has always had an exhibition of cars.

So also this year. I have never owned car or driven one, but I enjoy looking at them.

Beautiful green leather interior

Native theme

This orange Chevrolet won the prize

The real colour is not quite that strong but it certainly was eye catching.

How do you like this duck?

Boy scouts

                                     In front of a cardboard Trump, 4th July celebr. in  Oslo. Got the gesture wrong

Somebody uploaded the speech Obama gave to boy scouts. It was a televised speech and it was short but it was all about scouts. So somebody wrote: "Teleprompter Barry reading a speech he did not write is not classy."
If Donald did not write all of his speech, he must have at least giving the writers the ideas, as the speech was all about him and his campaign. He even got the people boo on Obama and Hillary. In the beginning  of his speech he said: "You want to achieve your dreams, I said, who the hell (sic) wants to speak about politics when I'm in front of the Boy Scouts? Right?" and then he proceeded to talk exactly of that! What?
Another comment: " Remember when POTUS was an erudite Constitutional Law professor with a lifelong record of public service and not an illiterate mobster? Just a little over six months ago."
Of course he was answered by: "William Daniels no no no, Ur the drunken kool Aid drinker. Obutt was only interested in destroying America and came too close. Thank God for Trump who was picked by God and Will be the best President EVER!!!"
 Incredible how some can be duped. All this false rhetoric one can read : "destroying America". And they never tell you what they mean.
"All the Trump supporters are like "Well Trump at least made a personal appearance. And a long speech"  Yes, he did but he talked about Obamacare and talked shit about Jeff Sessions. Like wtf.  lol. He is talking to boy scouts. That wasn't the time or place."
A Trump supporter : "I just watched The Presidents speech and the 40,000 Scouts there loved it! Of course, the corrupt media hated it so they disrespectfully show this. smh"
If they loved it, that would be terrible, like so often, it was again all about himself,  nothing said about scout values.
"Corrupt media", yes there are false papers and magazines, but most of them record realnews, sometimes they make mistakes but usually apologize. But most of t he media is not fake or corrupt, but the great idea, which also has worked, was to repeat these words in every speech, so people start believing those words. And everything that's not praising him is false news.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Many young people lost

Just before the funeral of Mauno Koivisto there was another terrorist action, this time in Manchester, England, where 22 people fell victim to a suicide bomber at Manchester Arena. This happened immediately after Ariana Grande's concert. She will be returning to give another concert for the victims.

I was taking photos at Gamlebyen and was returning to the centre, when I was passing a billboard full of  concert posters. There was one for Ariana Grande. I felt I had seen something connected to her. Death? Her Death? I decided to take a photo. Soon after I found about Manchester.

Soon is the start of Ramadan,

ISIS calls for ‘all-out war’ to mark start of Ramadan by attacking ‘innocents and civilians in their homes, markets and roads’ after Manchester bombing.
They certainly are twisted,   wanting to kill everyone who has not converted to their faith. When will something happen  in Norway?  They say innocents and I don't know what they mean with that. Who would want to kill innocents? I think they are getting more and more desperate partly because of  the threats of  President Trump.

The funeral of President Mauno Koivisto

President Mauno Koivisto's state funeral was on Thursday. The Koivistos had been married for 65 years.

Thus wrote the Helsinki Times:

"Over 30,000 people lined the streets of Helsinki to watch the funeral procession of President Mauno Koivisto on Thursday, according to the Helsinki Police Department.
Koivisto, born in Turku in 1923, served two terms as the President of Finland in 1982–1994, guiding the country out from under the shadow of the Cold War into the European Union. He passed away at the age of 93 at Meilahti Hospital in Helsinki on 12 May, 2017.
He is widely credited for ushering in a new era of parliamentarianism in Finland by actively reducing his own powers and enhancing those of the Finnish Parliament.
“A great Finn has departed from our midst,” President Sauli Niinistö summarised in his eulogy at the Helsinki Cathedral on Thursday. “He has left us, but remains close to us. In terms of his ideas, ways, values and principles, he is still with us.”
“President Koivisto’s uniqueness did not lie in the fact that he knew the people, but that the people knew him,” said Niinistö.
“His thoughtful, deliberative way of approaching issued brought the ordinary citizen close to the statesman, perhaps closer than to any other in Finland’s history. Mauno Koivisto’s pithy, sharply analytical and often humorous remarks remain embedded in the essence of what it is to be Finnish. They reflect a way of thinking, principles and values that still affect our actions and deeds.”
"Koivisto’s final journey took him from the Helsinki Cathedral to the Hietaniemi Cemetery, where he was laid to rest close to predecessors Risto Ryti and Urho Kekkonen.
Koivisto also served twice as the Prime Minister of Finland in 1968–1970 and 1979–1982, as the Minister of Finance, and as the Governor of the Bank of Finland. He is survived by his wife of 65 years, Tellervo Koivisto, and daughter Assi Koivisto-Allonen.
His funeral was the first presidential funeral to be held in the country since that of President Kekkonen in 1986.
Aleksi Teivainen – HT"
I wrote thus in Iltasanomat: "Thank you, Iltasanomat, for the well-written articles, the photos and videos. They made it possible for those who live in Norway, also take part in the solemn occasion. When Sibelius was taken to his resting place, I was one of the honorary guard of students with their white caps lining the streets. Then also there were multiple rows of people on both sides of the streets.

The speeches of President Sauli Niinistö and Bishop Emeritus Eero Huovinen were moving, the Bishop was wiping away his tears.

I was close to President Koivisto and his daughter when they visited Canberra in the eighties. There was a lunch or coffee at the Finnish club and anybody could get close to them, even to take photos."

I have a slide I took of them, where both happen to support themselves on the table with the same hand on their chin.

Here Mrs Koivisto throws the red rose on the coffin, Bishop Huovinen watching, the choir Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat at the back.

There is a continuous flow of people to President Koivisto's grave, both young and old, many want to take photographs.