Friday, April 25, 2014

I am getting nowhere!!


I have 256 contacts (followers, but I still prefer contacts), but only a few seem to look at my stream, at least they do not fave or comment. I do not certainly look at their streams and comment  a lot, but when I do, they hardly ever reciprocate.
I am uploading a lot and I am sure there are some good photos among them, but I hardly get much views. When I get a hundred views, I think that is great! Ridiculous! Then I compare with what happens to a friend of mine. This is her photo, over 600 views:
Soft looking but thorny

I certainly believe it is better than mine, also her camera is capable of more than mine. 

It is just that I am getting desperate as it seems I am not getting nowhere. I love Flickr but it does not love me. I cannot help that I value views, I see people talking about over 300 views or more per photo.Maybe my photos are bad! Some are not sharp enough but that is because of my camera, which also cannot be set for distance, so I can seldom have bokeh or unsharp background. I am just getting so tired that people do not seem to have "found" me. I am sure there are worthy photos there, but if you look at the views and comments, it does not look like it. From yesterday I have some wonderful photos of the Amazonian water lily. Let's see what happens to them. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

More to Tatter's list

Flickr red day

"March 31- ADDING more, following your comments below and other topics

31. "Also in" tab - Non-Navigable Context . Strips strips for groups and sets used to be scrollable - gone , so it is impossible to see neighbouring photos in stream, set or group ;more here and here in HF
32. Buddy icon photos in replies - gone
33. Content type - gone - We used to see if the image was a "photo" or "illustration" or "screenshot".
34. Flickr screen name on the top - gone - It's replaced by name from profile. 
35. Stats - the direct link to stats from the photo page - gone,
36. Print photos option for family members - gone
37. Photo Title is Less Prominent now
38. Search Box on photo page - gone
39. Title on slideshow (the enlarged view) - gone
40. GALLERY - cannot add photo to a new gallery, and cannot see if it is already in a gallery
41. Sets are "Albums" now - another change just for change's sake. 

More details you can find in 'wilcfry' blog - Flickr Changes, March 25, 2014

Why so huge downgrade? Is there any hope these features come back?
To staff: Can you please give us a clear list of advantages with Beta? (I have not noticed it is Faster) "

34. I actually removed my real name so that my screen name would be shown Instead.

I occasionally go to the new place but usually I stay in the French page, as I have uploaded quite a lot of photos and I need the autofIll/complete.

Too late

Victoria Regina

The bud did not look as open as in the photo in the last blog, so I went to look at it too late, it had opened and was already lying in the water. I will try to check the next bud earlier.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exciting times

Victoria Regina

Exciting times, but perhaps only for me. For the first time I visited the Victoria house in Oslo Botanical Gardens and found that a flower of the Victoria Regina water lily was close to opening. I went to see it the next day and it had opened more, so I'm excited going there today, as it is very likely that it is now open. A pity it is in a difficult place to photograph.

Friday, April 11, 2014

What people say about the new Flickr photo page.

Echinopsis (Trichocereus) scopulicolus

People on Flickr feel as scratchy as this: 

Absolutely disgusting 
How can I go back to the old flickr......hate this new 'look' 
I don't like it! I HATE it! 
Please tell me how to go back to the way it was as soon as possible!!!
 Hate! Hate! Hate!!!!!! 
You broke it - I'm sad 
How much do I hate this interface for comments? Numbers don't go up that high.
 I hate it, I thought I already told you that.
 Did the protests mean nothing to you? Turn It Back!!!! 
Flickr does not care, so what's the point??? 
No no no no no! Totally unhelpful. 
You're destroying this fine site with this change. 
 Im done. I refuse to continue to use a site that pushes unwanted 'downgrades' onto its users against their overwhelming will... 
It's awful. Really. Now you've done it. 
You screwed up a good thing. 
I have no idea how to use Flickr. 
Absolutely disappointed with the new Flickr 
First of all, don't thank me for "giving it a try." I didn't.
 I don't like it at all and my wifw also. "
**** YOU" Get us back to the OLD Phto Page or Go To **** It is ****!!!!!!!!! first class!! 
Why do you seem to hate your customers so much? 
I give up. Every time I try to post my ideas they just disappear
 It is horrible! go back to the way you had it! shoot the designers!  
Awful, just awful. I'm done. Flickr is dead.
(The printing mistakes were in the original)

Depressing, isn't it? There are always different opinions of how many really hate it. There are millions of users and if there is 30 000 critical comments, there might still be much more people who do not like it,  then again  there are several written by the same people. Some say that those who like it hardly bother to write, so there is no idea how many might like it. I just mean there is such a thing as a sample, you can never get every one's opinion. I certainly think there are enough people critical of it to show that it should not have been implemented, at least there should have been some changes. And is it really impossible to have a choice? Then we would really see who likes it!

pix42day:   Why change Flickr when it is working well and is what members like, to something we don't like and has not got the features we like to use? It does not make any sense. Please give us the option to go back to the old format. 

This is exactly what I think too. Why?