Friday, May 31, 2013

:( If you don't Like the New FLICKR, plze SHARE this picture on yourWall :(

I love this photo. One of the things that really annoyed me was the exhortation in huge letters: SMILE, AUSFI! when I felt like crying. Terabyte, sure, but even if there would be no chance for me to upload that many photos, I had UNLIMITED before. Illogical to complain of that? Yes, for sure but...
I have seen another great poster but I did not reproduce it here as it is a bit more rude, but here's the address: It is also genial. To see it,
you must copy it on your address line, it is not a link as such, I just made it blue.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dislike or despair?

Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
These flowers are white and lovely, but some of us when we think of this change are red hot

Thomas Hawk talked about "haters", and people objected strongly. But that could be partly because our Tom just loves the new Flickr:
'While giving all users 1TB of free storage was the biggest news from Flickr today, it is only the beginning."

But many do hate it, that was my reaction when I first laid my eyes on the banner on top and for a second thought I had landed on Facebook:

"I did never think they could do justified on the photostream! though I saw people wish for it earlier, I thought them stupid LOL.
Is it possible to opt out of it? I thought I saw some-one ask that earlier but I'm too nervous/upset to read posts. Do we get to a photopage by clicking on a photo? I hope I get used to this but for the first time on Flickr I have doubts!
And the same thing I hated on other justifieds, loading for ever and ever, crazy.
This is sure to get more people writing on the HF than ever before. I LIKED THE PHOTOSTREAM, BUT NOT THIS! I have hardly ever complained but this is too much, aarrgghhh!
The whole thing is a big bug!! "

But many really hate it:

Kurt Kramer says:
This will probably be like spitting in the wind, and my question will just waft away, but...
Not only do I not want the default opening view to be large pictures from my Contacts/Friends, I REALLY DON'T WANT to see strangers' comments on their photos. Don't want to see that trivia and nonsense. How do I stop that? (There's probably no way to stop it, is there).
HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE the new structure. HATE IT!

dr_urbanus (Martin) says:
Hate it hate it hate it hate it. Change it back PLEASE. As someone said, all the familiar points of reference are gone. Too much going on, too busy. Old design was nice and clean.


Ralf Ogorreck says:
What kind of shit is that? Get rid of this monkey stuff and fire that teenager who build this crap. If there are no changes I'm going to leave Flickr immediately and I mean it.
Ralf Ogorreck

Danipuntocom says:
I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've spent HOURS organizing my previous Flickr layout, my albums and my collections... and everything is HORRIBLE now!!!!!!!!!
I paid in advance for a 2 years Pro service, but I will not renew it if it's still like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really dissapointed, everything was wonderful until now.
At the moment one can find 808 on Iperny's expatriate group, though just a  few of them are Ipernians of old.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Astro Boy

"Astro Boy 13 [ sent a message to those that signed his petition:

'Hello Everyone. This is Astroboy13 from Flickr (Toby Tenma, maker of the petition)

First I want to thank Everyone for signing the petiton and want to brin something to light.
Dear old Thea Lamkin for the flickr Help Forums has felt that I am a dig enough threat due to this petition to have me banned from the Help Forums. Due to this complication I can not let people know that a Petition Exists. I implore all of you to please make sure you are sharing this petition with everyone who can sign it. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. I would also make sure you post it at random on the flickr help forums. Let Thea know censorship will not stand!

Now that I am banned, I am counting on all of you to be my hands. Lets make this petition happen and we CAN make a difference.

Thanks for your Attention!
Toby Tenma'

'Hello Again Everyone.

I am sorry to say, I am declaring Flickr a complete lose. Our campaign has failed to gain the momentum needed to gain the number of signatures needed to make a impression on the Flickr Staff. In addition, the Flickr team is taking proactive steps to Ban any users they know have signed the petition. In this light, I am going to make a recommendation. I suggest that anyone will the ablility to leave flickr do so. The website has kindly offered to help any flickr users who are upset with the new design. ipernity is almost identical to the flickr old design. They are a relitively new website so I suggest patience with them. They only have 7 staff members at the moment, but unlike flickr, they listen to users and we can help them grow. In addition, there is a old flickr members group you can join where we can help you make the change. If you have questions, you can ask us. The group is: I will continue the petition, I just wanted to bring people up to speed. Lets "Abandon Ship" before the RMS Flickr drags us down. They hit their iceberg, but are ignorant enough to think they will not sink. 

If you have any questions or comments for me, I can be reached at

Good Luck my friends,
Toby Tenma'"

Well I signed the petition and have not been banned yet :)
By the way, the "Astro Boy" cartoon was sent by a channel in Australia, and I used to watch it.
I wish success for the petition though I have not much hope. To go back would be egg on the face. 

New Flickr videos

I just uploaded a video that looked normal in Media Player but on Flickr it has a grey cast. At least this has never happened with my videos before.

Staff has written about bugs that have been corrected. Some are good, like group pool can be viewed with small photos, but I would want the same with the photostream.

-FlickrMail: The option to send a FlickrMail to a member has been added to the "More" menu ("…" icon) on the Photostream and Profile pages.
-Group Pool view: The ability to change the Group Pool view from Justified to Small, etc. has been restored. 
-Photostream Count: your photo count no longer displays as 0 in the "Edit" mode
-Adding Private Photo: the banner displayed when adding a Private photo to a group has been fixed and no longer displays across the screen
-Comments on the Photo page: We will soon automatically display 20 comments (instead of 4) on the Photo page. 

-Pro member usage: Pro members can now see how much space they're using in their accounts by hovering over their buddy icon in the top right. -Unsafe photos in home feed: Unsafe photos no longer appear in the Home Page activity feed not-blurred-out 

A funny (?) thing happened when I went to see my statistics, every day said 1 or 2 views. After a while  it corrected itself saying the right number.

There is a thread saying that the change has caused a drop in statistics. It does not seem to have happened to many people. Mine are the same, they have never been high, but 22 May had 0 views, was that not when the change happened?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Running away from the new Flickr?

15:16:28 Feet off ground by ausfi
15:16:28 Feet off ground, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
The thread on the new Flickr has grown to 281 pages and over 28,000 replies, most of them still negative. Of course there are some from the same people, but not so many. Flickr staff want everything to go to the feedback thread and has closed many help threads to refer them to the feedback, but new ones are cropping up:

vote on the new flickr ask every member do they like it yes or no
• So this is supposed to be an upgrade?
• An Easy Solution to New Flickr Format!

Some contributions that talk about important matters:

subarcticmike says:

"May I refer to ONE sentence lifted from the flickr blog promo.

"So, we’re also revealing a beautiful new design that puts photos at the heart of your Flickr experience, where they should always be."

Photos have NEVER been the heart of my Flickr experience nor the majority of my contacts, I dare say. I weave title, caption, links and more around my mundane images. And I like being able to see my photostream and all parts thereof from one end to the other via numbered pages.

For me, THE sentence sums up management's bold new take. My take is that I have been enabled for nigh on six years by a once sensible, mostly interconnected website with me putting time and devotion into my very own photo-documentary, which showcased my interests and explored connectedness with others of like mind. And at the comfort and speed I obviously liked.

I cannot drive this new unilateral model as is. No rants, no threats, no vitriol coming at the collective from me. I'm just-awaiting-and-seeing."

ososment says:

ososment says:

"been here since 2005 and seen plenty changes, not sure what I think of the tablet friendly approach... it'll take some getting used to. 

though the old format looked very dated it did have the appeal of looking a little like a gallery, where the photos had room to breath.

this design is I think a little too unoriginal. I understand the need to compete and I also recognise the design is contemporary to other apps and sites.

But I think the team have misunderstood the nature of Flickr, in the same way the team misunderstood the way to manage the community when Yahoo first took over.

I'm sure this design will. in the long run, appeal to new users and of course that is exactly what any business needs. Having said that Yahoo, it's worth remembering that the core base feel like Flickr is theirs, not yours.

We are the community. And Flickr could be a major player in not only photography but social networking areas because of that sense of ownership."

I do not know the speed of my internet but I have no problem of loading, but there a so many with slow connections who find it difficult or impossible to load their pages.

Matt(ikus) says:

"It's so slow the new site. Granted my internet is pretty slow. But the previous iteration was perfectly usable, now with all this huge images clustered about the page I have to sit watching nothing for a time before I can even see one persons image. It's frankly unusable now. It's sad because I have been using the site since 2007 and I have been a pro user for the most part. In the last year I let my subscription run out and didn't renew because the site seems to be less active and Yahoo you just haven't innovated. In fact you haven't innovated ever. You caught the rush first and have been riding your fortunes ever since. There are a list of simple improvements you could make in order to bolster the functionality of the website. Improvements that you have ignored for the last 6 years, which is frankly astounding. I don't know what team you have working on the site, or who directs them, but it's stoneage stuff. So disappointed. "

Often when there have been changes, people have threatened to leave, and a few years later they are still here, but many are really leaving to other sites. 
I have actually joined Ipernity, but I am not going to send all my photos there, I am still trying to work here because of my groups, which I cannot send to Ipernity. The site even developed an implement which moves all of a person's photos to the site.

ucumari says:
Very cool site, I'm just learning it but very happy to be there. Will probably be leaving this one very soon I am sorry to say.
But when no one cares it does make it easier"

I care but what can I do!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Light on snow by ausfi
Light on snow, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
Witty nickname has a photo of the launch day and says:
Witty nickname says:
”They don't look too happy.
It's launch day and we had no choice and cannot voice our own opinions. Mean Marissa made us change Flickr.
It's also funny how a number of staff have removed commenting on their photostreams too.
The silence is deafening. ”

ColleenM’s answer is:
”It's not funny, it's sad. People were organizing mass hate attacks on staff photostreams. No wonder they turned commenting off.
I just hope that they feel safe again sometime in the future and turn it back on. It would be a really terrible outcome if staff are never again accessible to regular users because of the folks who organized the hate attacks. ”

That is so true, how can they attack the staff. They are working for Flickr/Yahoo but they are not the instigators. There are lots of replies where people demand an apology from Flickr. I think they should apologise for the attacks on the staff.

What do people expect? Do they mean that the staff should leave their employment and refuse to work for Flickr and possibly face unemployment, because users are not happy.

She also says: ” It is permanent. They cannot reassure you because what you hope for will not happen. What more can they say besides "It isn't going back."?
Attacking individuals on their individual personal photostreams because you are angry at their employer is cruel. ”

Can I apologize as I have not attacked them?  Maybe I should!

No going back

Bridge towards Barcode.

The user is so helpless, it does not matter how much they protest, what many are hoping, to go back to the old design or have it as an alternative, is not going to happen. It probably does not  make sense to an outsider, they are shown a general view of the photostream and it looks fabulous. That does not, though, tell one anything about what it is like to use the site. There is not really much new stuff at all, most things we have been using, are there, they are just in a different place. Many have had lots of trouble to find how to add to groups, how to delete tags etc. 

People with weaker connections have had more problems, many could not even see their photostream or home page, just the revolving Flickr balls.

This user says it well:

i_am_subverted says:

"So not only did they not listen to anyone in the THREE bucket test groups...but now they are not going to listen to some, lets say 16,000 negative feedback responses? I am being very generous with 2k positive replies, I think it is somewhere closer to 250-500 of 18k. 

Bucket test groups, join to read the discussions!

Flickr knew people were going to hate this two weeks ago and rolled it out anyway. They did not listen to users then and will not now. They are just waiting for the commotion to die down so their devoted followers can try to drum up enough positive feeling in the help forum.

Brenda, you and I both know that all those changes and the fact that they even needed to be made are just more evidence for how terribly this was planned. The changes they have made have not been lost, they actually made the issue worse - first telling non-recurring pros they could up to recurring and then backpedaling. "

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Why is it that people have so many problems if something changes? The Flickr photostream is now justified so it keeps scrolling down , the justified has pages, but they include so many photos. When I first starting using it, I wanted to get down to the Help Forum but it just kept scrolling so it seemed impossible to get to the bottom. I was annoyed and puzzled for a while but then I just clicked on a photo and from the photo page it was easy to get down, just like before. Now people even come to the Forum to ask help for this problem. I don't believe that my IQ is that high, surely it should not be so hard to find a solution.

To many it has also been difficult to find other things that have been put to another place. Like the former Action, where you can add to groups and sets, see EXIF etc. This is now three dots (...)! But just use trial and error.

The importance of Flickr

Think Flickr Think

I like what was said on the article ”Yahoo: We're listening to user feedback about Flickr revamp” by

"Why companies make big changes to the site - because they are doing fundamental upgrade / redesign of their software. In order to radically improve features or improve maintainability, new code base is typically needed."
Usually that would be the case, however, they haven't replaced the old code. All they have done is added a slower, clunkier, more wasteful 'skin' to parts of the site. Worse still, they've added it to the users landing page. I thought the idea was to make the landing pages the quickest, then let the users opt for slower pages if desired?
No new value added, 
 no new features added, just a prettier (arguable), slower, less functional façade!

Something that this has taught me is how big a part Flickr has in my life. I have often gone to the Help Forum, to see what people are writing. Now there are several threads on the changes started by members. Six official topics started by the staff. The biggest thread is the feedback, at the moment 214 pages of 21,360 replies! Of course it has been impossible to read all of that, but I’ve looked at a few threads and even written there. And I have never written so many blogs!

Change 56 months ago.

Clouds decending by ausfi
Clouds decending, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
I had forgotten that I used to be one of the admin of a group called
"I'm Not Happy With The New flickr - Can I Have the Old One Back",
131 members. That was initiated 56 months ago, when we had a major change, and also 27 months ago. I wrote then:
”The group has served its purpose - or not. We have a new system, again! I have no poblem using it now, cannot really remember the old one. I still would like avatars next to the group names in 'Add to a group', they would make the group easier to find, but that's not happening.”

Some people have sent photos there now. The change now is a whopper compared to that time. I will certainly always remember how Flickr looked a few days ago.

Some people have a more balanced view:
As for all the griping about pro memberships...If you're pro, you get to stay pro. Huzzah! Why the complaining about the other options? I mean, I don't like them either, but I'm pro...I'm staying was a good deal before the redesign and it remains a good deal. literally nohting about the account has changed. If you're not Pro, then why are you suddenly up in arms about Pro going away? You aren't losing anything. Nothing is being taken away from you. if anything, you're getting a lot of the benefits to Pro without paying for it other than with ads. My biggest concern was that if they did a nice thing for the free users, that they recognized those of us who had paid into the system for years. Which they are...Pros are getting to keep what we have...and the cost stays the same. That's awesome! Yes it could have been rolled out better and thought through more, but they corrected the error in the matter of a day or so. I know there are a lot of style issues/bugs with the redesign, but as far as accounts go, I think Flickr did a pretty smart thing. Reward your old members by grandfathering them, and moving toward a more sustainable business model to expand your community. Again, it could have been handled a bit better in transition, and there are issues remaining, but the change was coming. If what you want is a serious portfolio type site, then Flickr was never really for you, honestly. And that's from someone who has been griping about the new redesign right along with you. Let's not pretend, though, that we're losing some magical mystical website that never really existed. It's a shaky step forward, and maybe off to the side a bit, but it is a step forward. I think when it all settles out, we won't be happy about every detail, but the sky won't be falling. I understand the frustration but the "I'm going to leave....once I stick around for a while and complain about it" crowd kinda gets to me once in a while. Leave and vote with your money, or stay and work toward getting what you want. the middle road of just carping about it doesn't get you anywhere.

Flickr still under contention

Criss-cross by ausfi
Criss-cross, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
The photo really has nothing to do with the subject unless the ski tracks express confusion.

Jay Black started a Consumer Poll: ’Who wants to have the freedom to choose which Flickr interface they want to use?’ By now 2094 have said they want freedom.

Astro Boy 13 started a Petition: ’Change Flickr Back’ to send straight to the Yahoo’s CEO. It has now 3273 replies. A pity lots of people do not seem to know about it.

Trell Burton started ’Dear Marissa Meyer’. She got a mention in this article:

’Media taking notice at least’. , she says. ’A major newpaper wants to print this article now!’
Some people think that is self promotion. She says her goal was to bring this to media attention on behalf of many people . Why could it not be both!

Relaxer11 has a thread: Strike to the heart ! BOYCOTT SPONSORS !! This has a mixed reception.

Willowbeast says: ’ I am protesting this change by making my buddy icon black, my special new banner black and only uploading black image until we see satisfaction.
The black symbolizes the death of Flickr as we know it.’

elementaPaul says: ’I've never got the point of starting protest groups and such like to 'boycott Flickr'. Surely it would be easier to simply use another website and be done with it?! ’

According to The Searcher: ’Every time I see anyone attempt something positive they're attacked mercilessly by the angry mob.
I guess that's why all the people with positive opinions are just going on about their Flickr business. Why dive into this mess just to say "thank you"? ’

jakerome says: ’Oh please make a serious attempt at this & document the whole thing via blog. Will be very entertaining! ’

Thanks Jake, I had the idea even before I saw your reply. Should think there are several blogs :)

Some time ago the feedback thread had 19,918 replies.

I have gradually learned to use the new system though I still do not like the black and the justified. We should have to be given a choice.

Funny how many have been asking where things are and complaining that they have been taken away.  I'm used to finding things by clicking on different figures, trial and error!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well put on Flickr.

Trell Burton | says:

"Let’s not forget anyone with an ounce of sense can see this was designed by someone with much youth and not much experience at life. Clearly someone with no understanding of photography. 

Let’s not forget the deafening silence from Yahoo and Flickr and Mayar during the first 24 hours of their new site while they sit hiding reading all the feedback while 15,000 photographers at least panic about who shit on their work. Where are you Marissa? Are you afraid to speak to your customers? Or where there just so many pleas for help that you decided to disable Flickr help support until you can figure out what to do or wait for it all to blow over? This will not blow over for me. And Marrisa, with 12 photos on your Flickr account, and having been a member since December 2012 – what exactly is it you think you understand about Flickr? Not as much as us, clearly.

You have cut off the majority of UK users as we simply don’t have the bandwidth the site requires to operate. I’m guessing you knew this already. Not only that, many of us cannot even download the photos we paid and trusted you to look after. The first response I got form your help team told me it was my fault. It was my browser, it was my firewall, I need a faster connection. Grow up! It’s because you have changed the site, I changed nothing on my computer. The second response was deafening silence and that silence continues.

I, along with many others, have invested almost a decade on my Flickr account – uploading the millions of pictures you are so fond of quoting to speak of your site’s success and we never deserted you despite alterations and rumours of site obscurity. We’ve adapted to all your changes and embraced the good ones. None have been as diabolical as this one. All the others were little add ons to make the experience better and the site more functional – for photography. "

She can put it so much better than I can. It really was amazing that we did not hear a piip from them on the Help Forum. Thea Lampkin promised that she and others would read everything we wrote. They clearly did not expect over 17,000 replies, It would need sitting at the computer for hours and hours, I have been able to read just a fraction, though I love HF

Later I actually found a reply by eMiLy fairly early on some questions, but that was all.

From Blake Forster and others


Flickerites are very creative when it comes to this kind of thing,

New Flickr Layout Sucks!

Dan Watson

Flickr update sucks.

There are already a few groups objecting to the change. Not many members.

And so it continues!

P1010048P1010049The march is starting
Old house
Criss-crossSkiing area next to ski jumpView from HolmenkollenJohn LeventhorpRobert Wedow
John LoweMargaret PeytonA priestThomas Peyton, EsqKnightVoileipäkakku
ausfi's photostream on Flickr.

This collection is what you get if you want to change the banner to your own photo. The banner was the first thing I saw when I opened the 'new' Flickr. It gave me a great shock. I cannot remember which photo Flickr had given me (a strange photo) , but I have to laugh when people mention 'the horrible seagulls'. The photo might have been quite nice, but people found it an intruder.

177 pages and over 17 600 replies. A good example:
"Flickr, please go back to the old look. I loved my little start page where I could see the yellow "new activity" sign pop up... like I had a little prize waiting for me on the other side. I LOVED seeing my image activity count go up. I loved my sets on the side panel begging people to take a closer look at my stuff.

The new look is heavy and opressive and makes me NOT want to look at my own images let alone anyone elses. PLEASE give me the option to stay with the old look. I can't stand the new format."


Old house by ausfi
Old house, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

This tree is as desolate as I feel at the moment.
It does not feel good to know that all these close to 16 thousand posts that are mostly negative, will have no effect, we have already been told that nothing will be changed back. They allow this thread so people could come and complain, pour out their heart, hoping people gradually get tired and accept it all.

My heart aches when I have this memory of the former first page, with either larger or smaller photos, showing the last uploads, you could already see several details. It looked so ordered, so tidy.
There we re always some people who wished for a justified view on the photostream but I really thought that would not be possible. Now we can see how bad the idea was.

By the way, to get to the HF, just click on a photo to get to the photo and stop the flow, then you can easily scroll down.

They had put up huge posters on the Times Square to show people's new photostreams, of course they dont want egg on their faces going back from that.

For and against

152 pages written by users, over 15,000 posts. Here is one positive one.


"jasbond007 says:

Just want to say something good to the Flickr team. When I first saw the new format I wasn't happy, but now I've been working with it for a few hours I am feeling much better about this.

First of all, the justified views on my home page, photostream, sets and favorites work fine and are quite snappy on a MacBook Air with 4GB memory running in Safari. The new Flickr will however test the speed of your hardware and internet connection. If you just get spinning balls - and I do with full-screen view - there may be problems which have nothing to to with Flickr. Perhaps you need new hardware or a faster internet connection.

So I have been reading a lot of great comments from people who absolutely love the new Flickr interface. If you haven't I'd suggest you look around. Personally, I don't think it's perfect yet, there are a lot of bugs to be fixed, and there is a huge amount of misinformation, bitching, complaining and trolling going on.

Hang in there and keep learning how to use it, it's early days for the new Flickr. Don't think it's going back to the old Flickr, just sayin'."


I have just uploaded my last 200 pictures: All of them black canvas. R.I.P Flickr.
Let's everybody upload black canvas, and stop uploading at all untill they change it back to the real Flickr. "

This is from a letter from Flickr:" While we will not be reverting back to the prior version of Flickr, we do want to create a positive experience for all of our Flickr members. If you have any constructive feedback regarding recent changes, we would love to hear from you in our forums."

"Kyre Wood says: 6. Along with many other people, I used to use the comments section to display pictures as a series or subsidiary images to give background to the main picture. That is no longer possible.
7.I frequently used the "description" section as part of the title. It can still be done, but it no longer has the same visual impact.
8. There used to be a choice of display. I used to arrange it so that the top picture was displayed alongside the relevant set. This is no longer possible."

This last one, I used to do,  7. also. Extra photos of the same subject, maybe at different times, maybe different parts of the subjects, that would not be so effective if shown side by side. Now when only some of the comments are shown and you have to click for more, many of the photos do not show, if people are not interested in seeing more comments.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Objections, in vain?

Now it is almost 13,000 posts  and 129 pages. But of course we know that Flickr CEO will not go back on her design, they just let us rave and rant till we get tired. Many have left for Ipernity or other companies but maybe enough people will stay. I would not really like to leave my baby, the Oslo Opera House group. Over 4000 photos. I am not going to pay their  fees, though, ads or not. And I have to learn to live without stats. 1 terabyte is enough. But 3 minute videos! A few of mine are that long.

The END of this account (on Flickr)

The END of this account by okalbum
The END of this account, a photo by okalbum on Flickr.
Okalbum, I hope you do not mind that I use your photo on the death of Flickr.
Marissa said she looked a lot to mobile when undertaking the new design. Marcus: Photos are important to both older and younger demographing. And the new design greatly simplifies use to appeal to all ages.
T.O question : What changes have you made internally to ensure that Tumblr does turn into a Flickr like acquisition (meaning a failure)?
The gall of them! 117 pages posted now, today going over 12,000 entries, a few of them positive. Yet, many have already left for Ipernity, who are making programs so people can turn all their photos to Ipernity.

Flickr disaster

The post  by Edwinjones on Flickr says it all:
"1. Photostream
Old Flickr - I the user get options on how it is viewed both by myself and others. Either larger or smaller images and I can promote my sets on the first page. New Flickr - I get no options. The header image is unnecessary and takes up too much space above the fold. The resolution required for the profile image has been increased with nobody bothering to tell us first.

2. Individual Images
Old flickr. Clean and simple layout. I can see at a glance the picture and a map if available and the number of views, comments and favs. New flickr the number of comments made cannot be seen without scrolling down. Click needed to see exif assuming this is noticed in the links from the dots to the side of the picture, click needed to see the map. It appears showing the picture on black is not good for sight problems.

3 Viewing Contacts Images, groups and search
Old Flickr. I had a wide choice of viewing these as justified or as various thumbnail sizes. New flickr you restrict me to justified. I have over 500 contacts and comment on many of them. In the old system using a thumbnail size it was much easier to quickly see the photos I wished to view and comment on. In Groups I liked to quickly look though pages and might only look in detail at I picture per page, Justified is totally unsuitable. You just destroyed Groups. For groups and search only the most recent pictures will be viewed. Justified is far too cumbersome especially for those on a slow connection."

Jim Davies said: "Flickr users are photographers.

As a result we are also aesthetes. We know what is "good".

There was always a very, very sweet spot for me with Flickr - lots and lots of easy to find high quality photographs and a chance to share my own attempts with like minded people. These ranged from lo-fi analogue fans to megapixel professionals and all points inbetween. There has been nowhere online to compare.

As I type this there have been over nine thousand replies to this topic in fifteen hours almost overwhelmingly disapproving of the new Flickr.

It is clear that you have made an unpopular choice. I don't think Yahoo! will gain as many new users from the new Flickr as they will lose unhappy ones who feel cheated, dismissed, or just can't stand the idea of a Facebook style cover-photo.

I can find no reason to rejoice in any of this." 

As to me, I had been away from Flickr for some two hours, when I returned I was confronted by a cover photo so I almost thought I had landed on Facebook. No, it was a huge change on Flickr, everything, photostream, sets, groups where in justified view, just scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. When at last I got to an individual photo page, I was promised some info. Most of it was just "see how wonderful we are now". The only real info was what a 'terabyte' is, which free accounts now are promised, 500 000 photos!
It said: 'Pro members, your subscription stays the same.' ??? First, there is no pro anymore, it has even taken from your name. Yet they call you pros! Secondly, the fee is doubled to 50 dollars/year, if you do not want adds. Free accounts get this terabyte but must have adds and do not get stats. 
There is a new category called 'Doublr', 2 terabytes, costing 500 dollars a year. How many do you think will want that?
I have been able to find some features (by trial and error) so it's a bit easier. 
There are six official topics where users can tell about bugs and their feelings. 

Feedback on today’s site changes 
was started 11:20 last night. Now, in the afternoon next day, it has 93 pages, mostly negative, very  few positive expressions. 
My initial reaction was one of horror, I even wept!
The photos are on a wide black background,without a choice, which we had  before.

This was my contribution: "Wow, I did not think I had been away from Flickr's photostream for more than a couple of hours and when I get there I see COVER PHOTO so I thought I'd come to Facebook! I did never think they could do justified on the photostream! though I saw people wish for it earlier, I thought them stupid LOL. 
Is it possible to opt out of it? I thought I saw some. one ask that earlier but I'm too nervous/upset to read posts. Do we get to a photopage by clicking on a photo? I hope I get used to this but for the first time on Flickr I have doubts! 
And the same thing I hated on other justifieds, loading for ever and ever, crazy. 
This is sure to get more people writing on the HF than ever before. I LIKED THE PHOTOSTREAM, BUT NOT THIS! I have hardly ever complained but this is too much, aarrgghhh!
The whole thing is a big bug!! 
You have spoiled the whole Flickr experience, who wants to come here any more! You are welcome to have a justified view for those who have wanted it, but let others have the chance to have the old photo page and thumbnails

I do not feel quite as suicidal as I found the photopage and there is still some familiar things there." 

On my photopage it says: 

Pro members, your subscription remains the same

Later I have found more on FAQ and those who were pros when this change happened, can reapply for the same fee, 24,99.

This because Yahoo had just bought Tumbrl for a huge amount of money. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

17. May, day of children's processions and national costumes.

Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
We were lucky again with the 17. May (syttende mai), the constitution day, there were only a few showers of rain in Oslo. Everyone is supposed to dress in their best clothes (pynte seg). To the majority of Norwegians, it means to wear their "bunad", national dress, even many children do that. They are gorgeous, strong colours, beautiful complicated embroidery, expensive silver jewellery, often gold plated. Brooches which are fairly large cost over 2000 kroner, silver belts can be from 6000 to over 8000 kroner. These are for the Hardanger festival bunad, bought from the internett. You can expect to pay at least NOK 30,000 for one adult costume. Bunads are tailor-made.
Beautiful East-Trøndelag dress has two breast brooches, over 6000 kroner each.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How is it that any time I write something intelligent (maybe just my opinion) in Flickr, no-one comes any more to see the thread?  Like here:

 Member A:  I've been a Flickr member since April 2009.
I regularly chat with another Flickr member (whom I have marked as "Family") via flickr-mail. Tonight I get a "Slow down partner" spam-block while chatting with my friend? 
This is not acceptable. In the past I have often had long conversations with this person and have never encountered this problem. We can chat via regular e-mail, but for goodness sakes, if you wish to enforce a spam-block, can't one at least get some or other warning before you are suddenly cut off. What if I didn't have his regular e-mail address? I would just seem rude.

I 've opened up a help via e-mail case - number Flickr Case 2569456] Re: Other issues but am posting here in the forum in the hopes that a Staff Member might see the problem and offer to help. Please guys. This is not necessary and was clearly not spam. The guy kept on responding, after all. 

Answer by Flickr:  You are indeed hitting our anti-spam limit. You should able to send Flickr mail again in a day or so. 

Member A I have been a member since 2009. I have chatted to this guy since 2009. Between us there have been more than 10 000 Flickr- mails on this account alone. He does not consider my flickr-mails spam Do you really want us to go outside of Flickr? Do you want to chase us away? 

Member BIt could just be that using Flickrmail as a chat program could quickly exceed whatever the spam limit is. If you're actually going back and forth dozens of times in a short time period, then yes it may be better to use a tool that is designed for that a little better. 

Member AYeah.
Clearly, I'm not welcome in Flickr. 

Member B:  I don't see where you get that idea. It's just that not every tool is meant to do everything. FlickrMail is a very simple (and slow) inter-site mail tool. I don't think it was ever designed to do rapid chat/texts with.

Member C: Well like mentioned 
You have no public photos

You have no contacts*
You belong to 3 groups
All the groups you belong to were started by you
All the groups you belong to have only one member.
Sorry but Flickr wasn't designed to support to a non-sharer to the community. It was designed for social interaction in group threads and sharing of images with others. Not your personal one-one chit chat.

Member A:  The bottom line is that I was NOT spamming anyone. I abhor spam. I was NOT doing what they accused me of. Staff came along and could clearly see that what was happening was NOT spam - yet she chose do do nothing.
 Now your way of using Flickr is your business. How I use it, is mine. I used to be very active in many groups - including the Help Forum. I used to admin one of the most active social groups on Flickr but it's nasty little twerps like you who like belittling others who chase people like me away. I am sick and tired of people like you. Your contribution is worthless. I hope it makes you feel better about yourself, but I no longer want any part of it.

For what it is worth, Flickr, to me, used to be a friendly community. I used to "live" here, but I no longer do. More and more it is becoming unfriendly and unwelcoming and while there are some fantastic, wonderful people who contribute here (amongst others,  above), this Help Forum is a prime example of people  liking to put other people down.

Member C:
I was just stating the positive attributes of sharing & communicating.
 Other's and you indicated my vision wasn't the only valid use of flickr.
Fair enough and I accept that. But the need to get nasty & name calling doesn't show much maturity on your part.
I don't think I said anything nasty or belittling to you.
But then you seem to need to?
but it's nasty little twerps like you who like belittling others who chase people like me away. I am sick and tired of people like you.Your contribution is worthless.”

Member A: (to a member he appreciates)   I wish you well. If you will permit, I will take a leaf out of your book and say: "Go ahead guys. Tear me to threads, if you like. I won't be back here to see what you are saying. I've said my bit." 

You probably are not coming here any more. It is a pity if you go, but I also find it sad to go to an account and be confronted by "nothing available to you" as this is supposed to be a sharing site. Sometimes I feel like having a door closed in my face. But certainly there are various ways to use the site. 
For me, I have not found Flickr unfriendly in general, I have some friendly exhanges even in comments, but for some reason things sometimes get heated in the HF, even when people just try to explain why something is happening. I could not see anybody be abusive to you, it was only you who said some nasty things about another user. 
Naturally you do not see your conversation with your friend 'spamming'. Unfortunately, Flickrmail has been designed for sharing information with others on Flickr, not as a chat feature. Sometimes I do not get anything for weeks. You hit the spamming limit, it was not personal, it is just something designed in Flickr to spare members from real spamming, not a "let us get Koeshke!" How can it be an insult? 
"Is that so wrong?" It is not wrong to want to do that, it just does not suit the rules here. Would you accenpt free spamming here? 

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mount Kilimanjaro, Wikipedia

Warren and climbing

'It is interesting, how many there are, with Warren either for the first or the last name, who are either climbing or otherwise connected with climbing.. There is the amazing Warren MacDonald climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with no legs, but there are many more/

Marlin Integrated Capital Holdings Sponsors Kilimanjaro climb to aid Tibetan charity
Warren Dedrick, Chairman Marlin Holdings, today announced the Marlin Group will sponsor a high profile climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro aimed to raise funds to support sustainable development in the Kham region of Western China. Kham Aid is the designated charity

Warren MacDonald,  amputee to reach the summit of Africa's tallest peak, MtKilimanjaro. ...
chiropractor Timothy Warren    Mount Everest    so far he has climbed three of the world's seven summits - Mount McKinley in Alaska, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and Mount Aconcagua in Argentina.
Warren Wolstencroft  Warren lost part of his arm to cancer but doesn't wear a prosthetic limbWarren is trekking up Kilimanjaro for charity in July 2006.
At the same time a filming team from Warren Miller Films under the direction of Chris Patterson was on the mountain with EWP making a documentary on a ski and snowboard descent of Elbrus
The second large event in the Kilimanjaro record began as an abrupt 18O depletion at ~6.5 ka ... AT Grove and A. Warren, Geogr. J. 134, 194 (1968) [ISI]. ...

Climb Kala Pattar and/or Ascend to Mt. Everest Base Camp Sep 30 - Oct 21 (Sat-Sat); Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb with optional safari Jan 3-22

Christopher T. Warren - Filmography, Awards, Biography, Agent, Discussions, ... Summits (Mount Kosciuscko in Australia and MountKilimanjaro in Tanzania

Adventurer Warren Jansen of Jekyll Island returns from his ascent of Mount KilimanjaroAugust 29 - September 6. His
Outside of his practice, Mr. Warren was a soccer coach for several years and remains an avid cyclist and runner, having competed successfully in several duathalons and marathons, including three Calgary Marathons, the 1998 World Endurance Duathalon and six Boston Marathons, the latest one in 2003. In 2004, he and his family huffed and puffed their way to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Kenneth J. Warren
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  , daughter and man standing. with Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background. ... Kilimanjaro. Mary Warren and daughter

CPA runners find faith, hope in Africa
Tennessean Staff Writer
Standing atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is easy to forget what lies below.
Fifteen thousand feet above the arid plains of Tanzania, what little breath the lungs hold can get swept away by splendor and accomplishment.
Paul and Eddy Warren have been there.
The Christ Presbyterian athletes have traveled through the equatorial jungle and along glacier-eroded mountainsides. With the stamina and determination of life-long runners, they scaled Africa?s highest peak. They understand what it means to be on top of the world.
But they have also been below the clouds where breathtaking beauty is replaced by a war-torn and poverty-stricken landscape.
For the Warrens, Africa is not just a place to vacation.

Some people come out on top, no matter what they do. Like our Chief Magistrate JudgeWarren P. Davis, who, among other honors, has received the William McMahon Award from the American Bar Association and the "Man of the Year" award from La Vision, a bilingual newspaper. 
And even when it comes to giving excuses, he tops anything I've ever heard. Last February, when I was recruiting readers for Dr. Seuss' birthday, I called Judge Davis, expecting him to read as usual. (I volunteer to do this so when I write my poem, I know I'll have names that rhyme with something.) 
Anyway, Judge Davis declined because he'd be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro that day. And it wasn't something he'd come up with at the last minute. He'd worked long and hard on this one. 
"Selecting a training regime was difficult," Judge Davis said. "The first Web sites I reviewed contended that Kilimanjaro climbers must be able be to run at least six miles in 48 minutes. With that information, I did the only thing that a prudent AARP member could do. I looked for other Web sites with less rigorous requirements."
He and his wife, Elizabeth Belden, began training in October for their March climb up the world?s highest free-standing mountain, which at 19,340 feet, would be like a dozen Stone Mountains piled on top of each other.
Warren Ferguson and friends will fly to Africa to climb Mr. Kilimanjaro, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world.

Hey, you're only as old as you think and feel. I hike and climb sometimes with folks in their 70s and 80s. One fellow, Warren, organizes hikes up Kilimanjaro, in Nepal, lots of other places, and as tour leader, is right up there at the front of the group, and that's at 83 or 84.

Welcome to the Adventures of
Dr. Tim Warren
8,848 METERS (29,028 FEET)*

Aconcagua, normal route, mid-January 1991: All 11 members of our Mountain Travel team summitted. Head guide was Ricardo Torres-Nava; other members were Beth Baker, Sid Bronstein, Dan Bronstein, James Chandler, Tommy Cary, Lowell Hill, Paul Morrow, Wayne Oldenburg, Dan Warren, and yours truly
Toby Warren - Africa & Australia Expert 
Toby was brought up in Kenya and at a young age gained a passion for travelling. After climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro when he was sixteen he went on to help manage a fishing lodge on the shores of Lake Victoria, hitch hike barefoot through sub-Saharan Africa and spent a year working and guiding in Kenya as part of his university degree
That's been a passion for the Desais since the mid-1980s, when they decided to walk every day for a year, in order to ascend 19,340-foot Mount Kilimanjaro on the Kenya-Tanzania border. Apparently, this fitness regimen had been avidly pursued by all present -- includingWarren Stockman of Palo Alto, who at 74 was the oldest strider present. The group nailed the 2,800 foot summit of Black Mountain in just two hours and 25 minutes. Then they dropped down the back side, so they could hike back up and add another 500 feet of vertical to the day's total.
Editors note: Yosemite climbing legend Warren Harding passed away Feb 27, 2002. He will be sorely missed