Monday, May 02, 2011

Bare branches just a few weeks ago. Now the birch leaves, which I love when they are still small and gentle light green, are almost full-grown. Wood anemones, usual mother's day flowers, picked
by the children from the woods, are soon bloomed out.

At Easter it was suddenly like summer, one day 40 C in the sun. At least 22 C a few days. As usual, it's much colder now .

And now, Osama bin Laden is dead, and not of old age. It is not sure that it makes the world a safer place, it might give closure to people who lost people at 9/11. Still, even if he was the the head of Al Quida, it is just one terrorist less and there might be revenge actions, there is a warning for ' anti-western violence'. Lord, keep us safe.

People rejoice, but it is strange to celebrate that someone is dead.