Wednesday, May 27, 2015


A couple of surfers

Photo  taken in Bondi  in 2007 when I had an even weaker camera, could not take any kind of photo from  a distance.

This is test as I read on Flickr that the HTML does not work on the compose page. If it does, I will continue.

Another,as I love Bondi. I visited it several times when I stayed in Sydney in 2007 It was May, so it was getting close to winter and there were few people, except a bit more in the weekend. All the time there were surfers in the water, I even saw a group of people with a teacher.
One day in the city I saw two girls wearing  a sloppy  joe,, with the text: Bondi Rescue, of course I had to buy it when I found it.

The Norwegian TV has a documentary  series on Bondi, of course I try to watch it every day.