Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Anderson Cooper's Magnificent Response To Trump After Another 'Shocking ...

How terrible this is, the President of United States lying to the people, repeating lies looking so malicious when he is doing it: "Lights going out" etc. when people could see, if they watched CNN that all his words were recorded. But if they only watch Fox News, how would they know?

I don't know, but at one stage, seeing and hearing him, I had such a feeling of evil, that it scared me, I had to scream. And the people enjoy that!

What about that poor black guy behind him? Does he think: Everyone can see me! This is wonderful!

It is so incredible how he has been able to make people believe him, by just repeating words: crooked Hillary, fake news, fake news. when most of the news are not "fake" at all. It is he who is so often "fake".

Why would I care when I am not American? None of this can hurt me! Yet one must resist evil!