Friday, December 30, 2016

Dangerous YouTube.

I love YouTube, it has classical and other music, Gilbert& Sullivan, extracts from Danny Kaye, Victor Borge, Gene Kelly, even romantic or science fiction movies. But looking for them you might get across unpleasant things.

There is this woman who writes and performers the craziest conspiracy videos, supposedly about the Illuminati and the British Royal family. Something about a bloodline and rituals.
The sad thing is that so many believe these things. So is YouTube dangerous? It certainly is for people who see these and believe!

With a diseased mind like this would she not be disturbed all the time? She cannot ever be happy.  Do I pity her? Am I horrified? No, but I am certainly disgusted. Maybe I should not have written these down, but then hardly anyone seems to read my blogs. I have not corrected the mistakes.

Joan Rivers Spotted Alive Feb. 2015 At Clive Davis Party (Unedited Full Video)
Carrie Fisher Hoax - Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford Exposed - Celebrity "Retirements"
Joan Rivers,Robin Williams, Did they Fake their Deaths?
Princess Diana was a man
Michael Jackson covering one eye. What does it mean?
Who really murdered Whitney and Bobb?"

She has admirers like this: "You are a truly gifted person and I have watched you ever since I first laid eyes on you.
Keep on doing what you are doing, Yahusha Hamashiak Hebrew. Jesus Christ of Nazareth has a calling on your life. And it is very apparent how fast you have people gravitate towards you."

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It pays to complain!

THIS should have been posted at the end of August, I even thought it had been, but it seems it was only a preview.
I have my old camera back! Not exactly my old one but the same model. The Lumix had an interesting feature, "through glass" which means that you can get rid of the glare on glass, but otherwise the photos were not equally good, the panorama did not work properly. When I took photos of flowers the parts of the flower that was in the sun was almost white, too much contrast. So I went back to the Elkjøp Facebook page and complained. Soon I get an sms: "Your equipment is ready to be collected." They had sent for the same model to abroad and got me one! I also got the extra 900 kroner back. Unfortunately this camera is also black. It seems shakier but perhaps I have it on false setting. This camera have very sort manuals, one must get one from the internet.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Now an onslaught on the press has started

YouTube  from Jim Beckwith a King James Bible believer. These are comments from Trump just tweeted on The New York Times and it's viral!!=When Trump speaks, the world listens! "Wow, the @nytimes is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurata coverage of the "Trump phenomena" 
Seems NY times promised a more honest news. And they were supposed to have promised to apologize for their biased news.

"Would never accept an apology from yellow journalists. When credibility and honour are lost then they are gone. Would you trust a liar and a thief? They tried to commit a coup on the USA as you say all will be forgiven.  In Suriname they shot the coup plotters and videoed it."
"Patricia Treslove  Studies show that one out of three Clinton supporters is just as stupid as the other two..
I bought 2 boxes of Huggies diapers. There's none left because all my Hillary voting friends have shit all over the place. Now I guess I'll hand out pacifiers to silence the screams!
"I love this man. Trump is kicking butt even before he takes office. I'm so pissed about how corrupt the MSM is. Nothing but liars and cheaters. Nothing but fraud. God bless.''''''''"
"I hope Trump bans them from his press conferences..  Access is the ONLY reason these lowlife shills are trying to apologize.... Imagine them huddled OUTSIDE of any event trying to find out what is going on !!!"
"All main stream media is going die because of all their lies good riddance it can't happen soon enough....   lol more truthful coverage is not all truth sorry propaganda media we are all done with you all you have now is the crazy hillary rioters who are too brain dead to see your lies... main stream media created the riots and injuries and death and should be chaged and jailed all of those liars....."
"I have banned CNN and the main media or anyone anti Trump! Apart from Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams who are anti Trump, most Trump supporters were and still are watching Fox, or getting their news from the internet."
"Trump actually won according to the final number by about 700 THOUSAND votes plus the 10 -20, 30 million fake Clinton votes .. We'll never know for sure.. I don't care, All I know is HELLARIA and the Commie Demons lost and now it's time to DEPORT and ABORT"

I'm getting more and more sad about the division in the country, the offensive talk of Trump admirers. The riots by others.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Badmouthing Hillary and others, more horrible comments from YouTube videos.

"It already came out she is behind it Sorry you need to do your reseach Hillary gave the weapons to the terrorist to start Aleppo war Everyone knows this Everyone knows she worships satan Hillary's Dirty Laundry is out there everyone knows it she did not win she is a TRATIOR Evil deranged women And Hillary was behind the lie with Russia Putin already came out and said Hillary was behind that lie too. Russia never hacked her emails or anyone else LIE Please do your reseach Everyone knows Don't be brainwashed by Hillary Hillary has 50 yrs of criminal crimes behind her Do your research"

This is a lying comment on "WE have a terrorist sympathizer in the White house attempting to disarm armerica. Obama has enabled the criminal element in our society to riot and loot and commit crimes against law abiding citizens and he treats them as if they are the victims not the perpatraitors. He has black teens in mobs attacking vulnerable whites alone ( cowards like safety in numbers). He has invited Illegals to come to our country by the millions to overwhelm our kindness and hand up to those without thus overtaxing our welfare systems to bankruptcy. He spends with impunity the taxes of hard working americans on these invaders of our soverign nation. How much much does it take for our represenatives and auuthority of law to realize this Traitor in our midst is harming us at will with impunity and disregard as his goal is the destruction of the USA. This Hater in Chief that we willingly voted in to office on hope has brought only dispair and divisiveness to our nation. I call all to the task of restoring sanity and grace to our nation . REMOVE THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN _ REMOVE OBAMA FROM A POSITON OF PUNITIVE AUTHORITY. HE IS THE ENEMY - WAKE UP AND ACT UPON THIS THREAT NOW."

What, how old is this piece? You have Trump, cannot you even wait?  2015.

This was written in 2015. I usually drop the names, but not this time. :" Ronald Lynn Reilender · 
The US needs to stop beating around the bush. For every American killed by a terrorist attack we need to destroy one of their cities. I bet that'll get their attention quick"

"Eileen Sacks
All muslims should be shot dead and burned! None of them will go against a jihad because they are all in it together, they have their own training programs and camps even here in the US and start traing children as young as 5 and 6 years old their theory is much like the liberals get them when they are young."

Two more crazy comments. If many people really believe this, what hope is their of USA?: "Trump is just playing along...WAIT until January 20, 2017, Trump WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING OBOZO DID TO TRY TO RUIN AMERICA!!! Trump DESPISES Obozo with a passion, and rightfully so!!!"

"how ironic the only ones not accepting the outcome of the election is the democrats THANK GOD that evil satanist wicked bitch hillary doesnt get to sit in the oval office LONG LIVE DONALD J. TRUMP MY PRESIDENT"

Yes, there is so much hatred and strange ideas. There are many places for fake news, not those Trump talks about but others, that repeat horrible things and there are people who believe everything and, it seems, want to believe the worst things.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Choosing a president isn’t easy in this election, but here are three ways a principled conservative might vote. DAVID FRUM OCT 22, 2016

Worse, Trump discredits and disgraces everything he touches. There likely won’t be a Republican party after 18 months of a Trump presidency, just a tangle of warring factions soon to be swept away by a Democratic wave in Congress in 2018. President Trump will then start making deals with the new Democratic majority, and probably more happily so—he always was a Democrat at heart, as he has repeatedly said over the past 40 years. His only consistent interest is self-enrichment. Since he’s so incompetent at business, his default mode of self-enrichment has become cheating and bilking people. Think of that in the Oval Office! Think of that at the head of the Republican Party

Do you like Hillary Clinton’s program? No. Do you imagine that she will volunteer concessions to you and your beliefs? No again. Would you count the spoons afterward if Bill Clinton came to dinner? For sure. But can she “do the job”—manage a crisis, pay the bills, respond to hurricanes, face national enemies? Obviously. Look at how she’s coped with that maniac Trump on the debate stage. Couldn’t have been cooler. Despite yourself, you’ve been impressed. She’s smart and tough and open to reason. We could do worse. It’s four years—not even. She’ll perhaps be boxed in by a Republican Congress for the first two years; much more probably so in 2019 and 2020. By then, it’ll be time to try again, this time with a Republican nominee not suffering from a major personality disorder.

Things seen online

Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Before a crowd including military members and veterans on the decommissioned carrier Intrepid in New York Trump said the generals under President Obama and Clinton have 'not been successful.'
'I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble – they have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country,' Trump said.
Trump on Wednesday said he would ask generals to produce a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days of taking office – after saying he already had a plan and earlier saying he knew more about ISIS than the generals.
'If like maybe a combination of my plan and the generals’ plan – or the generals plan. If I like their plan, Matt I’m not going to call you up and say, "Matt we have a great plan." This is what Obama does,' Trump said.

After Trump lied that Hillary wanted to remove the second Amendment, people wrote:

"Great, I'm getting a gun as soon as possible.!!!!!! And protect my Family!!!!!  AMEN.!"

"So that Hillary can try and take weapons but the federal agents coming to collect will be shot. Under constitutional law you can shoot someone trying to take away your weapons."

"pray for this great man, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME may TRUMP WIN FOR OUR COUNTRY!  BRING us JOBS!   TAKE care of all of us!"

They think he is  a "great man". Poor people 

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

New president

It seems that the emails have had their effect and that Trump is winning. That is truly terrible, his supporters might even try to assassinate Hillary, that's what  terrible things I expect from them. They have been so horrible on YouTube that I would not have believed!

USA is lost, he is going to be a terrible president, I cannot help feeling that. The worst in my mind is going to be the gloating. That horrendous man and his horrendous sons. The only one I feel a bit happy is M, as the First Lady, not too bad. That will be funny,  a migrant as the First Lady!

Video titles

"Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," says Medical School

Hillary Planning Violent Mob Attacks If Trump Wins

Is Donald Trump Illuminati?

Donald Trump exposes The Illuminati MUST SEE!!!!!!  over 5 million views.

TRUMP is right -- Liberals are rigging even his microphone -- notice how low it was?

Anonymous Watch  Hillary Clinton is Done

Trump is cooked

Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Collapsing | True News

Hillary Clinton "Spirit Cooking" Satanic Ritual  (nothing is true, one can find this on Snopes

The Patriots Have Won: NYPD Announces They Are Preparing To Arrest Hillary Clinton!!!
Three days ago This is also false. by something MLordandGod, a cold woman's voice.

Clickbait web sites posted misleading headlines claiming Hillary Clinton's property had been raided by the NYPD.

ORIGIN: On 1 November 2016, multiple click bait web sites shares stories with headlines that
seemed to be purposely misleading, outright claiming that the New York Police department had raided Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's property.
In the text of the stories, however, they admit  that the  "property " was e-mail on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, a former congressman and intractable lewd picture taker.

YouTube is harsh, merciless and rude,

I started watching videos on YouTube and gradually commenting, mostly when I noticed falsehoods where I knew the answer. Somehow I just cannot stand unfairness.

Sometimes you answered normally but often the people writing comments are very rude. I have no idea why people want to use rude adjectives but it is very common.

1. comment  ausfi what a total idiot you are. We know who to blame for the mess that we are in, you!

2. comment ausfi No kidding!? This is the face of ausfi!? A washed-up old hippy that hasn't a clue of what is going on in AMERICA!? Wow! You and all your old card-playing idiot die-outs are why Obummer got into office and by God at my side, WE THE PEOPLE will not let your failed generation of stupidity win this election. Stop trolling PRESIDENT TRUMP YouTube videos! That is if you know what trolling means....if not ask one of your grandkids

My answer  You sound so clever that is strange that you seem to think that elderly people know nothing of Internet, computers or trolling. I'm not anymore trolling than you are. All you can do is to try to insult me, but I'm an old duck (water off the back,if you know that saying). If you accept his tone of voice, you really are taken in. But you are right, I should not be writing here as I'm not even American,or live there, just could not help myself. I wish you the best and hope you get your change and that is good for you.

3. comment  ausfi I don't understand where a wall means we gather them and blow them up...........we want our US DOLLAR to not go down to the black hole of Mexico, meaning, for those that think this is a reason for you to say ANYTHING in AMERICAN POLITICS is a reason for you to give your 2 negative pennies of oppressed government of whatever country you come from.....that we want our money to stay up here! IDIOT!......I wish I knew how to say that in YOUR ausfi STUPID ASS language

Answer  Why do you insult me when I have not insulted you? I did not say anything about the wall against Mexico or AMERICAN POLITICS. I answered this Swede who said: 'We have problems similar in Sweden with so called migrants...' which I took to mean that he doesn't want to allow in refugees, which I understand because Norway and Sweden  already have huge numbers of them.  But around one million migrants and refugees arrived in Europe till 21 December 2015. If no-one will have them, where do they go? It was stupid exaggeration  from me, but what is the solution. You can read all about refugees here:
"YOUR ausfi STUPID ASS language" hah hah now you insult my language too. I have respected you, but not any more. They don't want your money in my country.

4. comment Well you just stated your opinion on Trump supporters and how disgusting they are but you didnt say anything about Hillary or her supporters who are confirmed to do much more evil things than what Trump supporters even say. Deffinetly seems like you believe claims against Trump but not evidence about Hillary

Monday, August 22, 2016


I used to pick berries in Finland a lot, but we had a summer house. I went to the forest nearby the other day and picked some, they were not big and there were not many of them around. Later I also went to Frognerseteren, first it started raining but fortunately it cleared up. I only have a photo of berries. Altogether I picked berries three times and made three pies. Unfortunately I could not take a photo of the pies, maybe next year!

Please, can I get my camera!

Well, I have a camera now, but I did not have one for a whole month, except I bought a disposable one because a cruise ship arrived that I had not photographed. With a disposable one you have no idea what kind a photo you have. I had dropped my camera in Finland, but for several weeks there were no problems. Then the objective would not close, so I took the camera to Elkjøp where I had bought it. It is one of the three biggest electronic shops in Norway. They text you every time something is done, so I got a text on 4 July that it had been sent to the workshop, then on the 5th that it had been sent to an extra repair shop for them to ensure that the repair had been made satisfactorily by a professional. A normal time for reparations would be 2-3 weeks. So after three weeks I wrote to the Elkjøp Facebook page and inquired. They answered but just repeated what I already knew. On 29 the I wondered whether the fact was they could not repair it and they said in that case they would inform me. On 3rd August they said they had called Elkjøp in Carl Berner. That afternoon the repair shop called me and said it would be returned "in a short period of time". On August 10 it had been 6 weeks. On August 12 I received a text that I could come and get it but in the shop they said it could not have been repaired (as I had guessed) and I would get a new camera - but they did not have that camera any more, I should get a replacement. There were only two possible cameras, one for 700 kr, the other for 2900. Any time I have to buy a camera, I check the internet for what they say about it but she just wanted me to tell her which one I would take. One cost 2900 because it was a camera that could be used under water. I did not need one but the other one was just too simple. It annoyed me too that I would have to pay 900 kr extra. And sure enough, the reviews online were not good, though one woman who said she was a professional photographer, was fairly satisfied. Most people liked it, for many underwater photographers it soon leaked so they condemned it. It has worked ok for my ship photos though it tends to overcompensate. I took a photo of blueberries I had picked, could not get a good photo.There's no detailed instructions booklet but a CD which I have not opened yet, it also makes me download a studio, and I want to work with my old Microsoft Photo Gallery. When I get the instructions, I might just delete the studio. The menu is not easy to understand, I have not been able to find the exposure control or ISO control, where on earth can they be? In the old one they were in the meny. It was a Canon, this is Lumix. Well, another thing. When they gave me the box I had only seen the blue camera so I forgot to check. My camera is BLACK. EEEkkk! I glue colourful stickers on, doesn't help much.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Who should sit?

This is another bus on a bus stop on Dronning Eufemias street in front of the new Barcode buildings.

Bus number 31 from Oslo centre is most of the time quite full if I take a bus from the Railway station and maybe up to four stops after that. I have noticed that I often get a seat fairly quickly if I get in at the back. Often there is a free seat or someone offers me theirs or someone gets off. I'm close to eighty but do not have problems standing, yet it is nice if I can sit. Some days ago it did not work so well.

I got in at the back but all the seats as far as I could see were taken. Then one came free but before I could react, a guy about 30 took it. Soon a young girl also took a seat which came free just in front of me where I was hanging on to the post. Not enough with that, the first guy left and before I had time to move, the friend of the girl slipped into the seat! This always never happens, people always even tell me: "here's a free seat." if I have not noticed it. There might have been seats in the front of the bus and usually people leave half way to my destination but not this time. None at my half of the bus moved until there were just a few stops left.

It reminds me of a funny incident. I was in a bus that was almost full. There were a couple of free seats in the front behind the driver where she could not see them. She said to the people: "Cannot you see that a lady is standing, please give her a seat." As there were free seats, no-one moved, so she repeated it, a bit more forcefully. The confused lady looked a round and said: "Do you mean me??"

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Charles (Carlo) Bassi, Finnish architect though Italian in spirit

Aske herrgård i september 2011

Charles (Carlo) Bassi is your aunt's aunt's husband's grandfather. (Geni Family Tree)

I found that I am related through marriage to a famous architect who mainly seems to be a designer of churches, at least 12 of them. They were all Finnish style cruciform churches. But he has also designed the main building of the Fiskars iron works (11816-1818), the main building of Åbo Akademi, especially the aula and the first hotel/restaurant  (Seurahuone) in Finland. Nowadays it is the City Hall of Turku.. Architect Frans A. Sjöström made  changes  to it in 1883-1885. The original style was neoclassical but the present style is of neorenessaince.
This  portrait medallion of Bassi was modelled by Thorvaldsen  in 1797 .

There's a photo of Aske manor, it is nowadays a conference centre with a restaurant. Beautiful Italian sty le. It is in Håtuna parishUpplands-Bro commune , province of Stockholm.

He was born in Torino, Piemonte, Italia on October 12 1772 and died in Turku, Finland on January 11, 1849, at the age of 67.

His sister was Giovanna Bassi (1762 - 1834), ballet dancer. She was the star of the Royal Ballet in Stockholm and was considered the most important ballet dancer in Sweden in the Gustavian period.

Monday, July 25, 2016

What one woman can do

I wanted to copy this in the blog, it is not written by me but I found it so heartening.

"Theresa Kachindamoto, the senior chief in the Dedza District of Central Malawi, wields power over close to 900,000 people… and she’s not afraid to use her authority to help the women and girls in her district. In the past three years, she has annulled more than 850 child marriages, sent hundreds of young women back to school to continue their education, and made strides to abolish cleansing rituals that require girls as young as seven to go to sexual initiation camps. With more than half of Malawi’s girls married before the age of 18, according to a 2012 United Nations survey — and a consistently low ranking on the human development index, Kachindamoto’s no-nonsense attitude and effective measures have made her a vital ally in the fight for women’s and children’s rights
Theresa Kachindamoto, the senior chief in the Dedza District of Central Malawi, wields power over close to 900,000 people… and she’s not afraid to use her authority to help the women and girls in her district. In the past three years, she has annulled more than 850 child marriages, sent hundreds of young women back to school to continue their education, and made strides to abolish cleansing rituals that require girls as young as seven to go to sexual initiation camps. With more than half of Malawi’s girls married before the age of 18, according to a 2012 United Nations survey — and a consistently low ranking on the human development index, Kachindamoto’s no-nonsense attitude and effective measures have made her a vital ally in the fight for women’s and children’s rights.
Kachindamoto, who was born in Dedza District, had been working as a secretary for twenty-seven years in another district when she was called to come home and serve as a chief. Upon her return, she was dismayed at the sight of 12 year-old girls with babies and young husbands and quickly began to take action. Last year, Malawi raised the legal age to marry to 18, yet parental consent continues to serve as a loophole to allow younger girls to marry. Kachindamoto ordered 50 of her sub-chiefs to sign an agreement ending child marriage in Dedza District. When a few male chiefs continued to approve the marriages, Kachindamoto suspended them until they annulled the unions. In addition to annulling the marriages (330 in June of 2015 alone!), this fierce chief sent the children back to school, often paying their school fees with her own money. She has also asked parliament to raise the minimum age of marriage again to 21.
In an area where girls are often married early to ease a family’s financial burden and where one in five girls in Malawi are victims of sexual abuse, Kachindamoto is also taking a stand against the cleansing camps where girls are routinely sent before marriage. The sexual initiation rites that take place there are extremely disturbing, particularly in a country where one in ten people has HIV. Kachindamoto is threatening to dismiss any chiefs that continue to allow these controversial practices. Kachindamoto has faced plenty of opposition to her efforts from parents and community members, even receiving death threats, yet she remains determined to continue changing minds and laws for the benefits of Malawi’s females and their futures. In Kachindamoto’s own words, “If they are educated, they can be and have anything they want.”

Friday, July 22, 2016

Five years after terror


 Now it is 5 years since the first terror action on Norwegian soil and it was not committed by a Muslim or a foreigner but one of their own, a Norwegian man, who hated it that Norway accepted refugees and other immigrants. But he did not attack immigrants,  he blew up a government building and attacked a youth conference of the labour movement. He wanted to destroy possible future politicians who he thought would also let immigrants into the country. He killed almost 80 on the island. He had wanted to kill all 600, but it was too much even for him.

He used a gun and though he considered suicide when caught, he decided against it as he could further inform people of his  extreme right-wing ideas during  his court case.

Other countries admired Norwegians for their reaction. Oslo and other population centres arranged marches with torches to the honour of the victims. That proved impossible  in Oslo. The streets were so full of people  that fire could not be used. We called it a rose march because everyone held  roses instead. When I arrived to the city, all roses had been bought so I bought some cloth roses.
The march centered in front of the City Hall where  Prime Minister Stoltenberg,   Crown Prince Haakon and others spoke. People held up  roses, there were other flowers, I could even see sunflowers.  People were asked to lift  roses aloft to make like a rose garden.  Afterwards people lifted them up when they wanted to applaud.
The day people took Norway back 2

200 000 had gathered round the Town Hall, at the Town Hall  Square, spilling  on to Aker Brygge, the side streets, even  the Akershus Fortress, filling all available space.  At one stage people spontaneously started singing the National Anthem of Norway, "Ja, vi elsker dette landet." There was another song, "Til ungdommen" (To our youth), the singer was Herborg Kråkevik, this was very popular.
The day people took Norway back

"We will respond with more openness, more democracy and more humanity, "said Prime Minister Stoltenberg. "If one man can show so much hatred, imagine how much love we all can show together," said a Labor  girl who was interviewed by CNN. Prince Haakon talked about "filling the streets with love."
It was also called "The day that people took  Norway back."

After the meeting was over, people were told to decorate the city with the roses. They put them on statues, fences, fountain rims, flower pots, steps of the Town Hall, walls, on the square in front of the University on Karl Johan... I walked around for two, three days to photograph them.

Crown Princess Mette Maarit (she had also lost a relative) with relatives of the killed and other people started putting roses in front of the Cathedral, people followed. People stayed here long into the night, looking at the flowers and the candles. The Cathedral was open so people went in to put candles in the sanctuary  (chancel), there was a continuous queue. I went the again after midnight, people were still coming. It got very hot with all the burning candles.

A  sea of candles
Earlier there were books you could sign in the University Aula.

Later there was a memorial service in the Cathedral. Through TV people throughout the world could see  King Harald and Queen Sonja weep.

Knut Olav Amas, of The New Yorker, wrote : "Have the political élites and the people ever reacted in such a manner to a terror attack anywhere before? I think the absence of fear and vengeance in Norway today makes it possible to strike a new balance between freedom and security without, I hope, creating new enemies or new conflicts. Of course, it is easier to react in this way when the terrorist is already behind bars, and seems to have operated on his own, than when terror attacks are carried through by a global organization and the mass murderers are still at large."

From 3. August to September 2011 Oslo Commune collected 15 tons of flowers and 5 tons of used candles from around and in front of the church. The State Archive has preserved 4773 greetings that were left with the flowers.

The newspaper VG has interviewed some people.
"We have traveled to Oslo, Aust-Agder and Hordaland. People we met are surprisingly clear: Norway has not taken hold of the important issues by 22 July.
We have neither been a more tolerant or open society. And we have not taken issue with xenophobia.
The head of the Nobel Peace Center,  Liv Tørres survived the bomb in the government quarter .
The question many of the survivors really are concerned about is:  Can it happen again?
- The most important thing we can do is to recognize that the attack on July 22 was a political attack. And that warning signs are there for the future. Breivik reacted to multiculturalism and Islam. And there are many who share his vision. Why do we behave, as if there is only one Breivik? she asks.
It is confirmed that the network proportionality, extremism and radicalization is worse than ever.
He explains that the right extremist groups are still small, although growing. And that they lack a clear leader figure.
- It's hard to sift out those who pose a danger, from the amount of network roll spreading hate speech. Especially on social media does hate flourish.  "
There is a Norwegian net magazine, the name of which I will not write, where all the articles are about alleged atrocities done by Muslims and immigrants. That's what our world is like now

I live east of the city centre, with lots of immigrants and I feel quite safe here and happy to meet people of different cultures. In ALC we come from many lands, too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A few days ago on Flickr Help Forum


John Frattura PRO says:
I agree. At 100% I'm not noticing what the OP mentioned. When I was on my phone, pinching and spreading, I couldn't really tell how much I was zoomed in. So if I was viewing at 300%, I didn't know.

Buddha's Ghost PRO says
     John Frattura:
."..pinching and spreading"...
Sorry, I'm dying over here. ¦^D

John Frattura PRO says:
     Buddha's Ghost:
..".pinching and spreading.".
We all have our hobbies.

Sometimes we have such fun. It is strange, but whenever I read this, "...pinching and spreading..." I burst out laughing.

Sorrow for unknown people

The photo relates to 2011 when a 26 year old mother was killed on the footpath by a driver
who fell asleep driving her car. Her baby in a stroller did not get injured. I did not know the mother
but I did cry and uttered the unanswerable question: Why?

Then there was the murder of British Labor politician Jo Cox who was stabbed and shot on the street, she was only 41. She was very much liked, I don't think I had even ever heard of her, but again
I cried seeing a photo of the sorrow of a colleague of hers. They think the killer was mentally unbalanced, but I still think you must come quite close to use a knife, you must see their eyes, your mind must be very confused or full of hate to take the life of a person you do not even know.

Often when I hear about a murder I think how could he/she think they had the right to take a life.

People often write and wonder why the death of a single person and often a well-known one, seems to cause more sadness and expressions of sorrow than the killing of a large number of people, through terror action or war or disease like Ebola. I doubt it really is so but  it is more personal when you see the face and learn to know more about them.  I believe people are equally horrified but you might even get numb, there is just too much death, almost every day nowadays.

In United States they examined for 11 days round America how many were killed in a domestic and other dispute, mostly by gun. There were over 1100 deaths. And there are people who do not want better gun control!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016


 It is easy to get to Hernesaari, one can take the bus 14 to were you can see the ships.  I was surprised to see Costa Luminosa, based on Genoa, I had taken photos of it in Oslo. It looked even bigger in Hernesaari as one could see it very close.

I could also see Emerald Princess berthed on the other side. At 12:30 one of the Tallink ships was supposed to arrive, but I still did not know that they came  straight from the south and not from close to Suomenlinna, so though I had also watched straight on, it was suddenly so  close that I just had time to take a photo. The Superstar is almost completely light green with some other colours.

The Princess was supposed to leave 3.30. There was a strong cold wind, so I walked to "The Sauna", a fairly new restaurant on the Hernesaari beach. It is strangely shaped wooden structure, with sauna on one end and the restaurant taking most of the room, on the other.
Outside, close to the sea you can also eat, there are two parts, one with tables and the other, next to sea, with deck chairs. You can also walk to two higher levels.

The Emerald Princess did use its horn leaving the harbour, which pleased me, I always try to catch  the horn, some use it  when they start to leave, some when they are further away.      
I went back to the  Sauna restaurant and had a croissant, sitting on a deck chair, it was nice sitting there looking at the sea. Oslo is far from  the sea, at the bottom of the long Oslo fjord  so we never sea the horizon, but in Helsinki we see lots of the "wide horizon".   I went to the highest level and the wind was so strong I had to tie my hair with the scarf so I could take photos.
When Luminosa was leaving there was also another lady taking  videos. The ship  never used her horn at all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Missed a bag again

This happened in Helsinki in June. The photo is from Kalasatama, where there's lots of building activity.

I have always tried to keep even my shopping bag hanging from my arm, so as not to forget it, One day  I let go of it trying to attach a side part of the frame of my glasses, the bus came, I started running to it and a young man asked if something was left behind, I looked towards the place I had left and saw nothing. He did not say anything about a bag and only inside I noticed there was no heavy bag . I run back from the next  stop but  the bag had already been taken! Fortunately there were no library books, but a pair of sandals, my most comfortable ones, biscuits, some drink, a good plastic coat from Linnanmäki and annoyingly,  an  exercise book where I had written all kinds of things. Usually I keep it in my handbag, and just today....! The sandals were there in case of rain, so my good shoes would not get spoiled.
 I cut a plastic bag open to get some protection this morning with lots of rain and bought an umbrella from a shop called Tiger, quite strong looking for just 4 euro, in most places they cost at least 16 euro.
Annoying actually that my keyboard has no sign for the euro, must find and copy it from online.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Sibelius and his most popular pieces

This took place in November, 2015, but was left a draft, and was saved in the wrong place.

Friday was the day for concert number 2 in the Sibelius Festival. There were even more people than on Thursday, even the seats behind the orchestra were almost full. I had seat 4 of the 5th row on the left. I should have bought one on the right, that would have been closer to the conductor and the soloist, Karita Mattila.
The concert started with "Finlandia". The hymn in the middle was tenderly played and the end was rousing as always. Next music from "Death" (Kuolema). The middle part, " Scene with  Cranes" I do not remember ever to have heard. I fell in love with that, it is quiet and beautiful.
Karita is especially natural and spontaneous. A couple of times she stopped singing after she had finished a piece and started explaining what happened in the next one, there was also some humour. People of course wanted more and I think she sang something. Her voice is not quite as bright as years ago but she is a great performer. After the performance she hugged and kissed the conductor and even the concertmaster. She knew Saraste of course very well. When you watch her concerts (isn't YouTube wonderful how much classical music you can hear?), she mostly kisses the conductor but not always the concertmaster. The whole audience of course got to their feet.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Helsinki Day

Today was Helsinki Day. I have never experienced it. Outside the Railway Station the bonaqua was giving out a new drink, there were  two, mine had orange and mango. There was a long queue when I passed them the first time.   I have seen advertisements of it before, they use the word "heavenly". It's one with just a bit of  taste, not full, so this sounds an exaggeration.

There were also young Korean men showing us taekwando, they give a course to young  people.

I went to  Espa lava (bandstand  at the Esplanade) which had bands performing the whole day. When I was there it was Pelle Miljoona, a  huge lot of people watching, I took a couple of photos, not very good as the camera does not take good photos if zoomed much.

There was also an old tram, the ticket cost 5 euro. One thing I did not know of and missed even to see, was that there were tables in the middle of the Esplanade where people were eating a meal. I wonder how one was able to reserve a seat.

It was also possible to go to see the office of the Mayor and to stand on the balcony of the Town Hall. There was a queue, but we got in fairly quickly. In the room in  front of the balcony were standing the mayor Jussi Pajunen and his wife to greet people. I chatted a bit with his wife. So nice of them! The balcony was framed by beautiful flowers, I took several photos and a  sweep panorama.   There were also some art work by Eija Hiltunen and glass by Timo Sarpaneva and a wonderful large painting of Helsinki.          


So the Brits have voted out of EU and the columnist thinks it is the biggest defeat EU has experienced and that Finland will lose a good ally.

The Finnish Prime Minister Sipilä says that a similar referendum is not coming to Finland.
- The government and the opposition coalition together will ensure that the project continues. EU has been important for Finland. It is important that the leaders of the EU countries meet regularly to discuss common issues and the crises has highlighted the importance of the joint assembly.

Certainly there has been lots of criticism of EU in Finland. I remember some directive concerning tar and its uses. When we had a summer house close to a lake, the wooden boat had to be tarred at regular  intervals, I loved the smell.

But it seems it is the question of tar sands oil as a fuel, not banning tar as paint.

Anyway, market shares continue going down. There might be an effect on Finnish exports.
People in France and Netherlands want referendums too. There are doom headlines:  "Britain faces the summer of chaos and the autumn of turmoil."

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Isak Pietilä

Today I visited Malmi cemetery where a relative of mine had his grave and possibly an old friend of my mother and me. I took the train as it is so quick Isak but then I could not find the buss to take me further. I notice there was a building housing official offices and the friendly young guy who was the information officer found me the right buss from the internet.

I had not been to the cemetery since the beginning of the seventies and the trees and bushes were so very big. I had to walk to the other side of the cemetery to find the office. There I only needed to give the name of the grave and they found it for me. The grave of the friend had changed occupants, his sister had also died long ago. The grave of Isak Pietilä, who had married a sister of my maternal grandfather, was still there. I looked first in a wrong part of the section it was in and was so relieved when I found it. I also wanted to find out their birth and deceased dates for my "My Heritage" Family tree. The stone was clean but had started to be just a little lopsided. The grave was really beautiful, covered by long grass which also had profusion of pretty yellow flowers. I took several photos. Nearby I found a strange grave. The gravestone was almost as tall as me and it was completely covered by a beautiful white rosebush. I tried to take a photo to see the name but could not get the stone clear and it was also too dark.
Hietaniemi cemetery is quite old and it has lot of statues, many of which I have photographed. The cemeterys in Oslo have hardly any, so I had thought  Norwegian ones  were different. But now I could only see one statue in Malmi, it was covered by lots of  moss, a bit of yellow (?) moss on top of the nose. That looked cute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Valid again

When you apply for a passport online, often they send it to the R-kiosk near you. For some reason, though they had a sample of my handwriting and my two fingerprints from the earlier passport, they wanted me to come and get it  from the main police department in Pasila. In the station a young girl came to me and asked what would I do with a 500 euro travel card. She was an agent of Fortnum, an electricity company. I applied for the money . She took my particulars and then asked if I would change my company which we did as it was a better deal in many ways.

Pasila is undergoing huge changes, I had to cross the bridge, which was covered on both sides as they were working on the grounds. I had help of a guy to find the police though I was on the right street. Inside, I took a ticket and took a seat but my number was already showing. The young man behind the counter said it would take a few minutes but already a woman brought my passport. Such quick service! The passport was a bit different from the earlier one, the outside looked better and inside  were  pictures of Finnish animals in brown on each page, every second page a moose. Outside the back cover they had engraved snowflakes. A Norwegian paper had an article about their passport, praising it and claiming no-one else had such nice pictures. I wonder!

My photo, yes, it was horrible, almost like a zombie, fortunately one does not need to look at it often.

Bird on ground

I was sitting at the Diana park, a small park so called because of a statue of Diana about to throw a spear, when I noticed a couple turning to look behind them when they were passing me.  I looked back and there was a small fluffy  crow on the ground, clearly a baby. It walked forward a bit  and then I heard a crow calling. It called many times but the chick only called once, feebly. Not easy for the mother to find it. I hope that no-one will pick it up so the mother can continue looking for it.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Grassy graves

I went to Hietaniemi cemetery

to look at my parents' grave. I took also several photos of graves in the older part of the cemetery that were overgrown with grass and plants. The gravestones were also covered by lichen. Lichen covers also some parts of the grave of my parents and others in the vicinity. I tried to remove some last summer, but it started to regrow. I must search the net to see if there is some stuff that helps to keep it away. I uncovered some names on gravestones, surely that is allowed. They are graves the upkeep of which is not paid for anymore, there are no relatives left to do it. The part were  I was working had graves that were edged by stone. Where my parents' grave is, everything is covered by grass which is kept short. The grass is cut everywhere but if you pay, they plant a flower, usually a rose, or a couple of other flowers. You are not allowed to choose.
I saw a woman also walking among the graves and went to talk to her. She was actually taking photos of birds with her SLR, pointed a couple to me but of course I could not see them. A bird watcher, I thought, a bright idea: she wouI ld probably know which bird I photographed at Katajanokka. I explained, she asked a couples of questions and told me it was a "meriharakka", Eurasian oystercatcher. What a wonderful meeting!

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Language helps

While in Helsinki, I try to get photos of cruise ships even here. A so called "Peace Boat", Ocean Dream at Katajanokka. I was there at least an hour before the departure time. After a while I saw a young man with the camera mounted  on a frame. He was with a man, possible his father. They were walking around, especially after 19:00 arrived and the ship did not show any signs of leaving.
I went to them and said something about the departure time. The other guy took earphones  out and said something like: is she talking to us. OK, I thought, leave you alone. But then I heard that they were speaking Swedish.
Swedish - the magic word. When I spoke to them in Swedish, the older guy started talking to me and was quite friendly. Now when I think, maybe I should have said something to the younger one as well. Finland is bilingual, everything from street signs to all kinds of documents, is written in both languages and Swedish is taught in school. The relationships are not always very good, many do not want to study Swedish at school or have met some who have been high and mighty. I have always got along with Swedish - speaking people, have had Swedish friends. And why not, my grandmother was Bro and her parents were Swedish-speaking.
The ship did not leave until c. 7:30, it was waiting for the pilot boat. While I was waiting, I was watching a bird, seemed to be related to sandpiper but it had an orange red long beak and reddish feet. It was quite alone and seemed to find something to eat, as it roamed a long time in the grass under some trees. I talked to a girl who said she had not been able to find it on the net.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Birds on the ground

Metro, the free paper you can get at the railway station and buses, had an article today of the huge number of calls concerning animals that the Rescue Department and the Association for Nature Conservation get daily.

Often it is about a bird on the ground. It was not easy for them to get a photo of such, so they had one
of the barnacle goose which is very prolific here. Of course their young are never in a nest, they roam around. I laughed at first when I saw the photo. It is not this one, I just happened to take one the other day.

They said if one is seen on the ground, it is not good to take it, the mother might be looking for at as it probably fell while practicing to fly. If it is taken away, the mother cannot find it.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

How to get a passport.


In the summer 2016 I went to Finland in the end of May so I could buy a new passport there, it is very expensive to buy it from the Embassy in Oslo. I found that I can apply for it online, visiting the police will cost 48 euro, online 44 euro.
Well, ordering online is supposed to be quick and easy, and it certainly is if nothing goes wrong. I tried it first at home, using internet through my friend's mobile phone. This happened at about 10 in the evening. You must fill a few pages of information, always clicking several times for a new page. Occasionally the internet connection disappeared, which made the filling quite lengthy. After more than an hour, I was at the stage for paying, then everything stopped, no internet.
I decided to do it in the library after all, I use my own machine, though the WiFi is not secure. It seemed I would have to start from the beginning, but fortunately my application had been saved, so fairly soon I was at the paying stage again. "I declare this page to be the true information", click for the next page. After a while I'm told that the connection failed: "Try again in a while." So I did,  several times. It took a few minutes each time and the message was always the same. Then you think: What is 'a while'? Twenty seconds? Two minutes? Then the message changed into: There is a  sequence error. What's that? I don't know how many times I re-clicked, 15, 20? I must have been sitting there almost two hours. I had not taken my charger so there was hardly any charge left. Anyway, it seemed that it was some fault in the Police computer. So all that time had been in vain. I could have been on Flickr looking at photos!
I called the police and the woman there says that it is best I go to Pasila police for interview, they open at 8.
Sitting at home, at about midnight I realize that I have internet though I had not asked my friend. I get to the application, and this time the message is: "The application is offline between 23.35 and 1.10. " I had to laugh but decided to wait. This time, maybe there was no-one else applying, the procedure went quite fast and at last I could pay. Hurrah! I don't need to get up early in the morning, the application has been sent and received by the police.
So, it can be easy and it can also be extremely frustrating.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Turist i egen by

Henrik Sørensen: Work, administration and partying. This is not painted by the traditional method on plaster but on wood, making  colours brighter

Once a year, in spring, Oslo has a Sunday when everyone who goes to the Town Hall can get an Oslo Pass for a day, which gives a free entrance to most places. You get in at 9 am.  Or do you?

I attached myself to the queue at 20 to nine, it already reached past the Town Hall. It was cold, it was raining. Just before nine the whole crowd surged forward, dissolving the queue. A woman had appeared in front of the door and started telling us what was going to happen. Sometimes I almost hate the Norwegians. They talk, and talk, ... and talk. It took 12 more minutes before we were let in! Inside I was able to get a ticket but nowhere could I find the program that would tell me the locations. The central hall is huge and there were tables, but they just had touristy booklets about Oslo. I met a friend, which made me a bit happier, she even had a spare program.

We went for a tour of the Town Hall. It was built in 1931-1950 and it has wonderful murals, friezes, and paintings.

The central hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held. Okkupasjonsfriset by Alf Rolfsen in the background.

I love the painting of king Olav, with the children's procession on the background.

Johan Wilhelm Midelfart: Det gror (Fragment)

This was on three walls and the ceiling, Per Krogh

The Council Room

Then I went to the Cathedral to get a ticket to climb to the tower. Before the climb I had time to visit the Astrup Fearnley Art Museum. There is a permanent exhibition which I visited.
This "painting" is based on a black and white photo and is drawn on pencil on paper, with short lines. Artis: Karl Haendel.

Tom Sachs: London Calling. Wood, hardware and synthetic polymer.

Gedi Sibony: A Month of Sundays, 2015

A detail

The climb up to the Cathedral consisted of 198 steps on very steep stairs, you had to hold on to the handrails, sometimes take a hold of a higher step.View was great and the history told by  our guide interesting. I was the oldest climber and people were very kind, somebody carried the light shopping bag I had which kept getting in the way, and they checked my progress.

The tower was earlier used to watch for fires in the city, here are the instructions for the watchers.

The climb was a killer on knees and untrained thigh muscles, so much so that when I got down, I hardly knew how to use my knees and the muscles were very sore. Somehow I got to the bus stop to take a bus to the Reptile Park.

The highlight of the visit to the Reptile Park for many is the chance to hold a boa snake. The girl with the snake took my photo. I made the mistake of smiling which made me look silly. Very few seem to check on my blog so I will include it here.