Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki

I belong to a group reading plays aloud together, which is great fun. We do not see the plays beforehand. A few years ago we read Alan Ayckbourn’s ’Body Language’, an outrageously funny play. One of the characters is called Hravic Zyergefoove, an 84 years old surgeon from an unspecified East European country. Ayckborn has created for him a language, which he speaks in the play. The copy of the play provides a translation but I got the idea that in the performance he just speaks the language that is not understood by the audience, though sometimes his assistant provides a translation. A great chance for an actor!

I went to the internet to see more information of the play. Martin Hoyle, Financial Times, 24 May 1990, in Body Language, writes:

"…an octogenarian surgeon from Eastern Europe whose speech seems a cognate of Serbo-Croatian mixed with Czech and Slovak."
But David Jeffels, The Stage, 21 June 1990, in Women On The Verge writes:

"Nigel Anthony as the German surgeon of international repute gives a delightfully funny performance, contrasting with the straight-laced Benjamin Cooper, brilliantly played by Geoffrey Whitehead, who runs the high-class medical clinic in the South of England where the play is set."

I am at a loss to understand why he thinks the surgeon is German as the language looks like this:

Lololo! Nit im. Ip gool crack, men. Int klingt ip ribbt shickershack snoop ipper smoot! or
Ert zimter, een fiss shrigger Memmer Hrootpucker woo ten benshtergeel teadle. Oh, een woot vint ipper ribbies.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sleeping 4

Sleeping 4 by ausfi
Sleeping 4, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

A kitten of the friend renting my apartment was put to sleep by a guy by stroking him between the eyes, she quickly went to sleep. Then he noticed that he could lift the kitten's paws and they stayed in that position. Then he gently manipulated the paws roung this toy and the kitten just kept sleeping.
I saw a kitten on Flickr with big eyes, looking up, with a funny caption. It had over 18 thousand views. I think mine is rather cute too, it has 18 views. I am gradually getting so frustrated. I have 248 contacts and I am trying to go comment on their photos and many other people's photos too. Yet very few comment on mine or even view them. I have a very simple camera but I did not think my photos are quite that bad.
How do some people get so many comments, even photos on subjects I have photographed like the Oslo Opera house. People comment often on photos that are not even as good as mine. It is terrible to moan like this, maybe my photos are not interested enough. I should probably up load less photos.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Shuttle Endeavour: Incredible View [1680x1050]

NASA has some great photos that are shown on Flickr . I wonder if I could also get over one thousand views if I used one ;). Actually, I think it is great that some people dare to upload them as we might not otherwise see them. They usually give the source.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

The wonder of winter

The wonder of winter by ausfi
The wonder of winter, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

There was a heavy fog at night and when I woke up in the morning, I took this photo out o the window. All the birches in the area were covered with hoarfrost, looking absolutely magical. I took a few more photos, then went to have coffee. I should have gone out to take photos immediately, because in an hour or two, all the white had disappeared because of the sunlight.
I thought the people on Flickr would have liked the photos, but hardly anyone has view them. Sometimes I wonder why I take photos and send them to Flickr, I have lots of contacts, yet I am not known.