Friday, December 20, 2013

Black Day

Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

Well; I am so slow that this is under the bridge. Somebody go an idea to protest against the new photo experience by devising a photo saying "flickr Black Day". It was to be published on the 8th of December: That did not mean that the new page would come into existence on that day. Many others also devised a page. Some where really clever. So I did one in the end too. Of course there is a spelling mistake in it!

This is the original photo: Who wants to Protest against the upcoming changes: Please Download this picture and upload it to your stream

Here is a frightening one:
flickr - black day

Not that flickr ever go back from what they have decided on; maybe it would be "egg in their face".
I can accept most of it; but I like to add photos to comments so I can express some extra feature of the photo I am showing.