Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bottomless pit

Untitled by ausfi
Mountain lake, close to Rjukan,  a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
I know it is not, you can see the bottom.but it is very deep.
As deep as the sadness and despair, yes, it is almost despair now when the Yahoo! toolbar/advertisement is coming. I do not have it yet.
People never stop talking about the Flickr changes, and no wonder. One complaint is that there was no pre warning about the change. Well, there was not by Flickr but on help forum there were hints of them by people in the bucket test, though they could not say much.
Two months ago, in a thread about the Y. toolbar, someone said:
"I want the old version back! This new look sucks and it's a disaster! "

She was answered: " Could it be possible you're part of one of the *other* bucket tests? If you see a link here in the Forum about some sort of feedback group, you should post there, as apparently there are a few different "new looks" Flickr's playing around with testing out."

Oldt1mer also said: "You think you've got it bad with an obscene nav bar...wait 'till you see the bucket test I am now subjected to.

Flickr has gone totally insane!!!!!!!!!!

For the last 24 hours I have only been able to see the first 4 comments on any of my photos and you should see the rest of it!!!!!!!!! It really is dreadful and so badly thought out that people will leave in droves when their subs are due for renewal."

So if you could read between the lines, there was a warning that something bad was coming. And Oldt1mers predilection was right, it is just to be seen if the toolbar will cause as many pages of complaints or more than the change. After 9 hours there are already 6 pages.