Monday, February 27, 2017

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Trump is president, hoping for the best He gave a good speech, rumoured to be mostly written by himself. It was good except the way he described America that made it sound more like a third world country, like everything was as bad as could be, when the truth is quite different. During Obama crime has gone down, unemployment has gone down, more people have Social Security than ever before.
But bad things have happened again. The Good Lord help America!  Maybe I should not look any more to American politics on YouTube, it can easily make one crazy! Just stay in Scandinavia and Finland.

It really is dangerous!!

I was stupid enough to write on YouTube under a hateful video that vilified everyone from the Obamas and Clintons to John Brennan of CIA who they called a convert to Islam. The video was full of Islamophobia. Seems that one is not allowed to say one nice or ordinary thing of any Muslim as a person, they think everyone wants to go to USA and kill everyone who is Christian or anyone not Muslim.
I wrote: I cannot believe any of this but what does it matter.What bloody Global do people always talk about!! So now you are suddenly for the Jews. When I listen to you, I feel as if I was listening to Satan. It really gave me that feeling.

ausfi - sorry. It is you who Satan speaks through. Jesus called us to be salt and light. When we see evil we speak up. You come on the comments here and throw mindless insults. No one said they were the law. Are you fighting Alzheimer's? Maybe just maybe you are not that evil but just a crotchety old ugly person. Or it does sound like you may have mental issues. My wife & I will say a prayer for your nasty or sick tongue. Get involved lady. Fight for freedom. Go throw your mental illness stones elsewhere. Sadly you refer to Jews. What is wrong with Jews? Now I'm either talking to a senile hateful bigoted nursing home lady who can't help it or you are an anti Semite hater. Good riddance!!
Why did you feel that you had to be insulting? There are other ways to write. I should not have said the b-word, but I don't know why you say bad things of me that you imagine, you have no idea what I'm like. You certainly sound very unfriendly. I thank you for praying for me and I will pray for you and your wife. I cannot help that this video sounds very weird. Muslim prayers in the White House 3X a day?? For everyone? You are not a pastor? You certainly don't write like one. Satan does not speak through me. Jesus Christ is with me every day, I hope He is with you. My church people never say such things about me. I cannot help that I felt like evil people talking. If you are a good person, I apologize. I referred to Jews as one finds so many evil things said of them on YouTube. Great that you don't. I'm related to Jews so why should I think there is anything wrong with them? Also I do not hate anybody, many people use very hate-filled language here, why do you not attack them?

And after that he answered: FEDERICO InspoNews1 hour ago
ausfi Please get off my channel you total KOOK

So I did. Leaving just the message. God keep you safe. KOOK lol. So we both think the other one is KOOK.

Another exchange, though not with me. People are mad!
" All Religions need to come together to prevent what's ahead by Nazism taking over our country!
Don't continue to believe the (false flag) hypes that were created to divide us. Muslims are made Patsies for their ww3 agenda! The Quran Chapter 2 verse 62 (among other places) states that Muslims, Christians, Jews and Sabians (astrologers) who believe in God will meet their reward!! Don't continue to be deceived!!!! STOP BELIEVING THE HYPE!!! WE MUST COME TOGETHER!!!!!"