Thursday, February 27, 2014

Childs' play (Monday - Sunday)

Childs' play (Monday - Sunday) by ausfi
Childs' play (Monday - Sunday), a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

The Finnish team gathered itself and won the bronze game against USA 5 - 1. The usual goal keeper, who had been absent in the Silver match, did not let any US pucks through. I had been so unsure about the outcome that I did not watch the game so I missed the excitement. It was wonderful mostly for the reason that Teemu Selänne, 43, made two goals out of five, one of which was the winning goal. These were his fifth olympic games and also the last.In addition, he was named the whole
Tournament's Most Valuable Player (MVP).

These two cartoons are so ingenious and brilliant that I have to laugh every tIme I look at them.

They were designed by artists in Swedish Aftonbladet in 2011. That year the ice hockey finals for the World Championships were in Bratislava. The match was between Sweden and Finland. Finland had some promising, quite young players in the team, so they called the players baby lions. This gave the idea to make a baby version of the lion in the Finnish logo and plant a pacifier in its mouth. "It will be child's play," was the headline.
The paper had also the sentence: "Fear Finland, now big brother will snatch the gold!"

This probably enraged the Finns to such a measure that they beat Sweden 6 - 1. Next day Aftonbladet released that same baby lion, but this time triumphant and angry, gnawing at the three crowns of Sweden's logo.. The headline read now: "Damn, it was child's play."

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Terike Haapoja: Entropy

Terike Haapoja: Entropy a video by ausfi on Flickr.

This is not quite the right photo as it has not really any white colour.
BBC has a competition where the winner has to get the lowest possible score. One hundred people are asked a question Then the competitors have to give an answer. If they give the wrong one, they get 100 points. If only 4 people have given the same answer, they get 4 points.
Once they had to give a name of a counry whose flag had the colours red, blue and white, though they knew Slovakia. No-one said Norway! I do not know if any of the hundred people had known it, when the lowest points were listed, at least they were not among the zeros.

Snow owl

Snow owl by ausfi
Snow owl, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

Darren LoPrinzi from flickr says:As someone in the visual communication industry, I think it has a blocky and childish style, but moreover the chunky fonts and lack of formatting does nothing to help compartmentalize all the various informational bits jammed in that it resembles a page of text with no paragraph breaks. ...that is a big reason why it looks so jumbled and hard on the eyes.

What is really baffling is that I am hearing claims of how it's improved over the last few months. For the most part, the "improvements" are actually just the restoration of old, necessary functions that were taken away when the beta page first came out. I can't in good conscience call those "improvements."

That all said, I know this page is coming out whether I like it or I tried on numerous occasions to stay opted in in order to get used to know, rip the bandaid right off. But I couldn't stay. It's downright painful to read or write comments...and of course there is NO HTML, so we cannot use ANY code that the NPE offers ANYWHERE on Flickr......and staff refuses to answer how they are handling photos in discussion threads going forward. "

This is so much the way I think also. I really dread the day when it will be the norm. I sometimes go to the new page to check but come always back to the present one, Fortunately, after Darren wrote this, the photos in comments are back which is a great relief but what will happen to the map?
Hopefully there are still many things they have to do. so the day when I open my page and have no alternative, will still will be far away.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Water and ice

Water and ice by ausfi
Water and ice, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
Yes the Swedes won, but they have a couple of world standard players like Erik Karlsson, I do not know where Teemu Selänne was as I was not watching. Actually, no-one expected that the team would go so far that they would get to the semi-finals and would beat Russia. They can still compete for the bronze medal but for many watchers this is the end of the games.
The Swedes could have made more goals in the third part but they did not, and that was partly for the effort the Finns made.

Winter olympics

Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

I have no photos of ice hockey, but the semifinals between Sweden and Finland are just on, last result Sweden 2, Finland 1. People writing letters in Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat were mostly so sure Finland will win, that I really worry! Nowadays I never can watch the games, only wait for the end results, to either be joyful or sad. I just cannot feel we'll win.