Friday, March 28, 2014

Flickr unfinished:Tatter's list of things missing.

Three days ago Flickr rolled out the new design for all the English based members. It is nothing like finished. Important features are still missing. Here is a list by Tatters:), which lists them all. Just incredible! One can still use the old site by changing to another language, but how long? Most of these are bad, but I miss most of all the autofill that helps in writing tags, especially long ones.

"Tatters:) says:

something what we use(d) and love(d) in flickr - does not work now, or very poor implemented:
1. Maps on photo page - missing (said they work hard to fix it, but Beta should not be compulsory then)
2. Navigation bar (pages) for groups, search result and other - gone last year - we have just endless loading, and it takes you back after you open a photo.
3. Admin invites - you know what I mean.
4. Notes - they should be on the photo, and not hidden. Not sure we can add a new note...
5. Date photo taken - we cannot see more photos taken that day - no link anymore from photo page.
6. Date photo loaded - gone
7. Link to guest pass from photo page - gone.
8. TAGs - Autofill - gone, - Impossible to add string of tags; for example try tags flower "I love flickr" blue red . What have you got?
9. Click on TAG shows up all flickr photos with that tag - should bring your photos first, as it was before..
10. Share by flickr mail works for one person only now (no multiple recipient address available anymore)
11. Formatting help - gone! (and my favourite Greasemonkey script does not work of course)
12. Link to your flickr account is called "settings" - confusing.
13. White text on black is very hard to eyes (means I am not going to comment on photos anymore).
14. Photos in comment(s) are important - they are too small now and hidden. We asked before - leave the first comment on the top.
15. Entire comments/info area is overloaded and messy

ADDING more after your comments below (thank you)
16. link to the (high res) original, i.e.viewing different photo sizes when the owner has disabled downloading - gone- read more here
17. Drop down menu that used to be available from the photographer's buddy icon on the photopage is missing.
as a result -
---The direct link to stats from the photo page - gone,
---Direct email for a private comment - gone... etc.
18. The link to the camera page has been removed - replaced with drop-down option on the right. - it means You cannot click on the camera name and go to view other pictures taken with the camera. Camara icons are laughable
19. Seeing SETs when the photo has been added to 9 groups or more - gone
20. Fave date - gone. It is impossible to see when someone faved a photo.
21 Tool navigation bar above the photo - gone.
22. Shift-Enter to add new line in comment? it is something 30 years back, like using Unix.
23. COLLECTIONS are buried forever.

March 28- ADDING more, following your comments below and other topics

24. Info: photo is public, friend or family? - no longer can tell - gone.
25. Replacing photo - icon - gone?: more here
26. Videos html - gone - - more here
27. Round buddy icon change is an obscure, obnoxious change just for change's sake. Keep it square please.
28. Help link on the bottom of photo page - gone - more here
29. Flickr Slideshows Stopped Working on blog websites - it's betray - more here
30. Sharing to Tumblr is completely broke.

Why so huge downgrade? Is there any hope these features come back?
What is achievement with Beta? Fast? But in what direction? Malaysian flight MH370 also was very fast... :( "

1. "Work had to fix the map." I do not know where they have said that. There was a thread in user voice asking for a link to the map. The product support answered in an email, which I among others got: "This is not going to be more prominent" 
4. Notes. You can see a list of notes when you click on Tags, but as you cannot see where they are on the photo, they are not of much use. I have notes showing the names of stars, useless as the notes are not visible on the photo.
8. As i said at the top, I really miss this feature.
28. Yes, as there is now bottom of the photo page or anything where they could publish anything. So where are the five columns of information sites that used to be there Well, I realize that you can reach them from the HF page.

5 Dec 2014 Some of these have come back as the system was again changed, the biggest perhaps is that it is black text on white again. any of these I have not checked as I have not used them.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mäkäräinen on Holmenkollen

makarainen (2) by ausfi
makarainen (2), a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
The photo is from Iltasanomat. So badly as it goes for Finland now in skiing, including the skijumping, we could rejoice on Sunday when
Kaisa Mäkäräinen got the the overall World Cup victory in skishooting. Norwegian Tora Berger was only four points after her. We were also lucky that the weather was fine, though is was raining the day before. Of course Holmenkollen is so high that rain comes down as snow.
Photo by Vegard Grøtt. Here's a portfolio of his:!/index

At your feet

At your feet by ausfi
At your feet, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
Artist. Kristine Roald Sandøy. Sandøy is the first artist in the project «Rom for kunst» (Room for art) 2014 at Oslo Central Station. And the first artist since  2001 who uses 3D.

I had passed this piece of art many times before I decided to take a photo. My Flickr friend Trond had already taken a photo. Yesterday I decided to take yet another photo. There were many people around and two beggars were sitting under it. I hurried a bit so the photo was not sharp and it had a blue cast so I had to make at black and white.

Up to 150,000 people pass the station every day, the biggest audience Kristine has had. The wall is 25 meters long and eight meters high.
- On this site there are many who try to find a balance in their lives, people who are exhausted. People who are tired. On their way to work or on their way home from work. But it was people I had in mind when I got the assignment, specifies Sandøy. "Balanceklang" is made of aluminum and translucent fabric and is lit from within at evening and night.


Dried butterfly

Dried butterfly by ausfi
Dried butterfly, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
This is probably the last time I can use the direct connection from Flickr.

The early spring has caused many crocuses and other spring flowers to grow in the Botanical Gardens. Some of the last summers flowers or their remnants were there too. This here looks like a butterfly.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

First wild flowers of spring.

Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

March 15. This is the colt's foot. The name is based on the shape of the leaves that appear after the flowers have died. It is the first wild flower of spring and I have never found it this early.
In Finnish it is 'leskenlehti', meaning the "widow's leaf".
I was walking past the side of the opera and further along the footpath continuing towards the east until I came to a point where I was facing about the middle of the row of Barcode buildings. After taking some photos, I turned and on shallow soil, with a concrete block behind them, I saw a long line of the flowers, that must have been growing already for a while. I had visited a couple of other sites where I had seen these flowers last spring, but had not seen any. Two days ago I went to the Botanical Gardens and found there snow bells, winter aconites, seven types of crocuses and a few other flowers. There are snow bells and crocuses also in the city.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
"We are announcing that we are deprecating the support for our built-in sharing options for Wordpress, Blogger and LiveJournal on 3/25. Deprecating features is never an easy decision, but we have seen that all of these services combined are now adding up to less than one percent of daily share volume from Flickr.

Most of Flickr's content is now being shared on and we are working with all these partners to make the experience even better. This week, we already introduced new attribution and a new look for Flickr photos on Tumblr on mobile, and there is more sharing goodness to come. "

This is the latest bombshell from Flickr. So it is all because of percentages and so it is right to deprive lots of people something they treasure and have been happy to use. Some even came to Flickr because they liked the feature.
I have tried to accommodate all the new changes and tried to be happy with them. This however is something that has made me deeply depressed. I read about this over 14 hours ago and I still start to cry when I think of this. I guess I am a lazy blogger (not that it is Flickr's fault) and this feature has made me contribute more often.
So one can never be sure what will suddenly stop; something is made available, people get used to it , enjoy it and whoops! the rug is pulled from under your feet!
Flickr is very kind: when I started to write this, red letters appeared on top telling me that they would deprecate the support for sharing to Blogger on 3/25.
Well, I am going to write more during this remaining week (+ a few days) than before. This is of course OK for Flickr as Wordpress, Blogger and LiveJournal are not so much about photos as Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Though actually only Pinterest is mostly about photos. 

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Barcode project almost finished

Barcode project almost finished by ausfi
Barcode project almost finished, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

It is good that we can now walk on Dronning Eufemias gate, though the street is not available for walking. Still, much of the asphalt and tram rails are there. There are lots of different shape benches, decorations and flowers between the buildings. Many of the roof tops have gardens, though one cannot see that from the ground. There should still be a couple of buildings built. According to drawings, there will be more construction on the other side of the street though it is very difficult to get more information about that. Nearer to the central city, the base for the new main library has been built, and new Munch museum will be on the other side.

Flowers in 2nd of March in Norway!

Will all winters now on be the same? We had some snow about a month ago, now it has just been raining and raining, one lovely sunny day couple of weeks ago, then only grey skies.
It makes me so depressed.
I saw this flower last Sunday and was amazed! I took a photo of some snow bells more than a week ago, but they were more believable.
This weekend will be the Holmenkollen ski festival. I hope it will not be raining all the time, though up there it might come down as snow.