Wednesday, February 07, 2018


More exchanges from YouTube public.  I refer mainly to the last sentence in both remarks.

"What people don't understand is We the People the families of the people that fought in 1776 for this country if Hillary would have won we will be in a civil war right now cuz we the people had been Gathering guns and recruits up just stand up and fight for our country once again this is the land of the free home of the brave we are not a communist country we are not a socialist country and we never will be we are the Free World if you don't like it then go somewhere else us working people are happy with Trump we are actually working again but you communist and socialist don't want people to work y'all want people to live off the government and u ugly blond cunt you bash my president again how fast your teeth out."

" What you don't get is that "free world" means "free for everybody, not only right-wings" and that your president is a total loser. Now I bashed your president again, let me see how fast my teeth out (nice grammar)."

Some Americans certainly have strange ideas of what communist and socialist mean. Mainly anything that is meant to help the underprivileged to have a better life they call socialist. They have no idea how communists speak. Norway or Sweden are not socialist countries just because they have a better social security system.

What is this idea that there would be civil war if Hillary would have won? Now there have been women's marches with no sight of guns or civil war.

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Tokio Myers | Makes fan go crazy

This guys talent is on another level such a blessing 

Tokio Delivers One Of The Most Amazing Modern Piano Mash Up | Semi Final...

This is totally breathtaking! He can play just any piano piece he wishes to play. The dexterity of his fingers, precision of notes and most of all, his emotions are very transparent. I watch Tokyo Myers' clips in YouTube when I am so darn exhausted writing and doing research. For me, it is one of the best way to spend my breaks.