Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why do they do that?

Singing from Madame Butterfly

Here is one of the Oslo opera house's artists singing an aria from Madame Butterfly. This was a free concert.
I have only been twice to see an opera there, excellent singers in both and good direction.

On TV here we have a channel called Mezzo showing music programs. Today they had Bellini's opera La Sonambula. I think I found information of the performance and the singers, and waited for the list in the end to make sure. What did they do? They have the habit of dividing the screen after a film or video is finished, when the credits are starting, showing the next programs. They did that now. I have a small TV and when this happens, it is usually quite impossible to read the text, it becomes so small. It was very annoying, what an earth is the need to show the programs so soon, cannot they wait,  don't they understand there are people who cannot see the credits when they do that?

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