Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Valborg by ausfi
Valborg, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

The time when the 'new photo experience' will come mandatory is quickly approaching. Again I will quote another Flickr user who says it so well:

"Ellen commented · November 26, 2013 12:22 pm · Flag as inappropriate
Marissa Mayer was gushing in the news the other day that Yahoo is now all about mobile. Photo sharing was mentioned. Marissa has obviously demanded a format that is seen to be mobile-friendly. This is what they think fits the bill. The fact that it's a terribly designed, slow, painful (literally, if you get migraines like me) mess that has destroyed the entire experience years of Flickr users had come to love is nothing they care about. Their marketing people have decided this is what will make the shareholders happy. Marissa thinks this nightmare is what will add to Yahoo's mobile focus. So @#$% us, all the actual users. Not their problem. We're just a bunch of ignorant old-school types who haven't got with the program. Yahoo assumes we are not what the advertisers and shareholders want. They'd probably like for all of the photographers and everyone over 30 to leave. They're not going to back down. They didn't listen to feedback from the beta group last time, and they won't this time either. The more we agonize over how they are making the comments meaningless and real communication impossible, the more Yahoo sees this so-called design as successfully doing exactly what they want. (Who types a lot on a mobile device? It has been decreed that long, thoughtful comments are no longer hip and will not be supported.) Let's face it, anyone who cares about seeing their photos presented in a tasteful, aesthetically pleasing way and who wants to interact in a meaningful way with others through photo sharing isn't welcome here anymore."

I have been hoping that we could escape that but that does not seem to be. I was unhappy about the change in May, but manage to cope with it; as my equipment was not old. I tried Ipernity then, but did not take to it.

Now I do not know if it is possible to cope. At least I have to change my Flickr usage. If descriptions, comments, even tags are awkward to use and photos in comments not possible at all, things will be very boring. They will deprive us so many things we are ussed to that Flickr will not be Flickr any more.

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