Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris attacks

I had just been in the concert hall in Oslo for wonderful Sibelius concert and after that spent a couple of hours with friends eating and talking, not knowing that  horrible events were  taken place in Paris, events that the president of France called "an unprecedented attack". One of these was in a concert venue, where most of the people were killed or injured. There the gunmen kept shooting for at least 15 minutes, reloading and shooting. The number of dead is now 128. There are some 200 injured, 80 of them seriously. The police claim that all the terrorists are killed, by the police (only one, at first they said three) or by their own hand.
The borders are closed, no-one can get into France or out of it.

The world is in sympathy, as you can see also from Twitter. The world was on the side of Norway, too, when we were struck by terror, 77 were dead then, but the deed was done by one of our own who could be apprehended and tried. This is much worse, for the extent and the number of killed.

But this is so unbelievable, that there are people who can plan such things and stand there and keep shooting. What was the main purpose, to spread fear? One shooter had implied France's involvement with Syria as one or the reasons. That is nothing ordinary citizens can do anything about. Most of target areas were frequented by young people, on the football stadium there were even young children. There must have been people from several countries, how would they know whether there might be Muslims there too?

It is reported that there were some Swedes among the dead, no Finns or Norwegians.
Like with the Twin towers incident, you see things happening, which one can hardly comprehend.

Later in the afternoon: A French senator says there are 300 injured.

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