Monday, November 30, 2015

Children and the Santa

Yesterday I went to a party arranged by a Finnish organisation. It was mostly for children but others can come too. We always have rice porridge there, the first time for me this year. We always eat it with sugar and cinnamon. The Norwegians also add butter but my family, Finnish-Australian, has always used a little milk. They did not have milk, but I went for seconds.

Later we had coffee with several kinds of cake style goodies, one of them a Finnish "Christmas tart", it is usually made of puff pastry with plum jam and shaped in the form of a star or a pinwheel and they are very good.  Finns are always looking forward to them before Christmas. I had four cakes one of them the tart. I was saving it to last and noticed then that I was so full that it would be better to wait a bit. After a while it tasted fine. 

When we were leaving, a friend encouraged me to have one more. In the buss home I noticed that I had heartburn but I had left my Rennies (for heartburn) at home. I had to use two buses, taking at least three quarters of an hour. I tried burbing, but no go. Those were some most uncomfortable three quarters, it even made me so exhausted that I had to go to bed at once.

For the next party: be careful!

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