Friday, April 11, 2014

What people say about the new Flickr photo page.

Echinopsis (Trichocereus) scopulicolus

People on Flickr feel as scratchy as this: 

Absolutely disgusting 
How can I go back to the old flickr......hate this new 'look' 
I don't like it! I HATE it! 
Please tell me how to go back to the way it was as soon as possible!!!
 Hate! Hate! Hate!!!!!! 
You broke it - I'm sad 
How much do I hate this interface for comments? Numbers don't go up that high.
 I hate it, I thought I already told you that.
 Did the protests mean nothing to you? Turn It Back!!!! 
Flickr does not care, so what's the point??? 
No no no no no! Totally unhelpful. 
You're destroying this fine site with this change. 
 Im done. I refuse to continue to use a site that pushes unwanted 'downgrades' onto its users against their overwhelming will... 
It's awful. Really. Now you've done it. 
You screwed up a good thing. 
I have no idea how to use Flickr. 
Absolutely disappointed with the new Flickr 
First of all, don't thank me for "giving it a try." I didn't.
 I don't like it at all and my wifw also. "
**** YOU" Get us back to the OLD Phto Page or Go To **** It is ****!!!!!!!!! first class!! 
Why do you seem to hate your customers so much? 
I give up. Every time I try to post my ideas they just disappear
 It is horrible! go back to the way you had it! shoot the designers!  
Awful, just awful. I'm done. Flickr is dead.
(The printing mistakes were in the original)

Depressing, isn't it? There are always different opinions of how many really hate it. There are millions of users and if there is 30 000 critical comments, there might still be much more people who do not like it,  then again  there are several written by the same people. Some say that those who like it hardly bother to write, so there is no idea how many might like it. I just mean there is such a thing as a sample, you can never get every one's opinion. I certainly think there are enough people critical of it to show that it should not have been implemented, at least there should have been some changes. And is it really impossible to have a choice? Then we would really see who likes it!

pix42day:   Why change Flickr when it is working well and is what members like, to something we don't like and has not got the features we like to use? It does not make any sense. Please give us the option to go back to the old format. 

This is exactly what I think too. Why?

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