Thursday, April 24, 2014

More to Tatter's list

Flickr red day

"March 31- ADDING more, following your comments below and other topics

31. "Also in" tab - Non-Navigable Context . Strips strips for groups and sets used to be scrollable - gone , so it is impossible to see neighbouring photos in stream, set or group ;more here and here in HF
32. Buddy icon photos in replies - gone
33. Content type - gone - We used to see if the image was a "photo" or "illustration" or "screenshot".
34. Flickr screen name on the top - gone - It's replaced by name from profile. 
35. Stats - the direct link to stats from the photo page - gone,
36. Print photos option for family members - gone
37. Photo Title is Less Prominent now
38. Search Box on photo page - gone
39. Title on slideshow (the enlarged view) - gone
40. GALLERY - cannot add photo to a new gallery, and cannot see if it is already in a gallery
41. Sets are "Albums" now - another change just for change's sake. 

More details you can find in 'wilcfry' blog - Flickr Changes, March 25, 2014

Why so huge downgrade? Is there any hope these features come back?
To staff: Can you please give us a clear list of advantages with Beta? (I have not noticed it is Faster) "

34. I actually removed my real name so that my screen name would be shown Instead.

I occasionally go to the new place but usually I stay in the French page, as I have uploaded quite a lot of photos and I need the autofIll/complete.

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