Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Grassy graves

I went to Hietaniemi cemetery

to look at my parents' grave. I took also several photos of graves in the older part of the cemetery that were overgrown with grass and plants. The gravestones were also covered by lichen. Lichen covers also some parts of the grave of my parents and others in the vicinity. I tried to remove some last summer, but it started to regrow. I must search the net to see if there is some stuff that helps to keep it away. I uncovered some names on gravestones, surely that is allowed. They are graves the upkeep of which is not paid for anymore, there are no relatives left to do it. The part were  I was working had graves that were edged by stone. Where my parents' grave is, everything is covered by grass which is kept short. The grass is cut everywhere but if you pay, they plant a flower, usually a rose, or a couple of other flowers. You are not allowed to choose.
I saw a woman also walking among the graves and went to talk to her. She was actually taking photos of birds with her SLR, pointed a couple to me but of course I could not see them. A bird watcher, I thought, a bright idea: she wouI ld probably know which bird I photographed at Katajanokka. I explained, she asked a couples of questions and told me it was a "meriharakka", Eurasian oystercatcher. What a wonderful meeting!

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