Saturday, November 19, 2016

It pays to complain!

THIS should have been posted at the end of August, I even thought it had been, but it seems it was only a preview.
I have my old camera back! Not exactly my old one but the same model. The Lumix had an interesting feature, "through glass" which means that you can get rid of the glare on glass, but otherwise the photos were not equally good, the panorama did not work properly. When I took photos of flowers the parts of the flower that was in the sun was almost white, too much contrast. So I went back to the Elkjøp Facebook page and complained. Soon I get an sms: "Your equipment is ready to be collected." They had sent for the same model to abroad and got me one! I also got the extra 900 kroner back. Unfortunately this camera is also black. It seems shakier but perhaps I have it on false setting. This camera have very sort manuals, one must get one from the internet.

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