Sunday, November 13, 2016

Now an onslaught on the press has started

YouTube  from Jim Beckwith a King James Bible believer. These are comments from Trump just tweeted on The New York Times and it's viral!!=When Trump speaks, the world listens! "Wow, the @nytimes is losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and highly inaccurata coverage of the "Trump phenomena" 
Seems NY times promised a more honest news. And they were supposed to have promised to apologize for their biased news.

"Would never accept an apology from yellow journalists. When credibility and honour are lost then they are gone. Would you trust a liar and a thief? They tried to commit a coup on the USA as you say all will be forgiven.  In Suriname they shot the coup plotters and videoed it."
"Patricia Treslove  Studies show that one out of three Clinton supporters is just as stupid as the other two..
I bought 2 boxes of Huggies diapers. There's none left because all my Hillary voting friends have shit all over the place. Now I guess I'll hand out pacifiers to silence the screams!
"I love this man. Trump is kicking butt even before he takes office. I'm so pissed about how corrupt the MSM is. Nothing but liars and cheaters. Nothing but fraud. God bless.''''''''"
"I hope Trump bans them from his press conferences..  Access is the ONLY reason these lowlife shills are trying to apologize.... Imagine them huddled OUTSIDE of any event trying to find out what is going on !!!"
"All main stream media is going die because of all their lies good riddance it can't happen soon enough....   lol more truthful coverage is not all truth sorry propaganda media we are all done with you all you have now is the crazy hillary rioters who are too brain dead to see your lies... main stream media created the riots and injuries and death and should be chaged and jailed all of those liars....."
"I have banned CNN and the main media or anyone anti Trump! Apart from Megyn Kelly and Juan Williams who are anti Trump, most Trump supporters were and still are watching Fox, or getting their news from the internet."
"Trump actually won according to the final number by about 700 THOUSAND votes plus the 10 -20, 30 million fake Clinton votes .. We'll never know for sure.. I don't care, All I know is HELLARIA and the Commie Demons lost and now it's time to DEPORT and ABORT"

I'm getting more and more sad about the division in the country, the offensive talk of Trump admirers. The riots by others.

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