Wednesday, November 09, 2016

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Before a crowd including military members and veterans on the decommissioned carrier Intrepid in New York Trump said the generals under President Obama and Clinton have 'not been successful.'
'I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble – they have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country,' Trump said.
Trump on Wednesday said he would ask generals to produce a plan to defeat ISIS within 30 days of taking office – after saying he already had a plan and earlier saying he knew more about ISIS than the generals.
'If like maybe a combination of my plan and the generals’ plan – or the generals plan. If I like their plan, Matt I’m not going to call you up and say, "Matt we have a great plan." This is what Obama does,' Trump said.

After Trump lied that Hillary wanted to remove the second Amendment, people wrote:

"Great, I'm getting a gun as soon as possible.!!!!!! And protect my Family!!!!!  AMEN.!"

"So that Hillary can try and take weapons but the federal agents coming to collect will be shot. Under constitutional law you can shoot someone trying to take away your weapons."

"pray for this great man, IN JESUS CHRIST NAME may TRUMP WIN FOR OUR COUNTRY!  BRING us JOBS!   TAKE care of all of us!"

They think he is  a "great man". Poor people 

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