Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Video titles

"Hillary Clinton has 1 Year to Live," says Medical School

Hillary Planning Violent Mob Attacks If Trump Wins

Is Donald Trump Illuminati?

Donald Trump exposes The Illuminati MUST SEE!!!!!!  over 5 million views.

TRUMP is right -- Liberals are rigging even his microphone -- notice how low it was?

Anonymous Watch  Hillary Clinton is Done

Trump is cooked

Why Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Collapsing | True News

Hillary Clinton "Spirit Cooking" Satanic Ritual  (nothing is true, one can find this on Snopes

The Patriots Have Won: NYPD Announces They Are Preparing To Arrest Hillary Clinton!!!
Three days ago This is also false. by something MLordandGod, a cold woman's voice.

Clickbait web sites posted misleading headlines claiming Hillary Clinton's property had been raided by the NYPD.

ORIGIN: On 1 November 2016, multiple click bait web sites shares stories with headlines that
seemed to be purposely misleading, outright claiming that the New York Police department had raided Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's property.
In the text of the stories, however, they admit  that the  "property " was e-mail on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, a former congressman and intractable lewd picture taker.

And so it continues, so many false news.

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