Friday, May 24, 2013

No going back

Bridge towards Barcode.

The user is so helpless, it does not matter how much they protest, what many are hoping, to go back to the old design or have it as an alternative, is not going to happen. It probably does not  make sense to an outsider, they are shown a general view of the photostream and it looks fabulous. That does not, though, tell one anything about what it is like to use the site. There is not really much new stuff at all, most things we have been using, are there, they are just in a different place. Many have had lots of trouble to find how to add to groups, how to delete tags etc. 

People with weaker connections have had more problems, many could not even see their photostream or home page, just the revolving Flickr balls.

This user says it well:

i_am_subverted says:

"So not only did they not listen to anyone in the THREE bucket test groups...but now they are not going to listen to some, lets say 16,000 negative feedback responses? I am being very generous with 2k positive replies, I think it is somewhere closer to 250-500 of 18k. 

Bucket test groups, join to read the discussions!

Flickr knew people were going to hate this two weeks ago and rolled it out anyway. They did not listen to users then and will not now. They are just waiting for the commotion to die down so their devoted followers can try to drum up enough positive feeling in the help forum.

Brenda, you and I both know that all those changes and the fact that they even needed to be made are just more evidence for how terribly this was planned. The changes they have made have not been lost, they actually made the issue worse - first telling non-recurring pros they could up to recurring and then backpedaling. "


Roger M said...

I feel your pain. Actually, it's a grief. I have been a flickr member and die hard supporter since 2007. Unfortunately my motivation for using flickr isn't valid anymore. It's going to be all about advertizing. Not exactly what you want to see if you just want to share your latest art and photo shots with your friends.
I'm giving them my two thumbs down, and I've moved on. I'd be delighted if you got in touch @ ipernity. I am Roger Mathisen.
All the best!

ausfi said...

Thanks for your answer. I'm sad you felt you had to leave Flickr. I have also joined Ipernity but I am not quite sure I can leave altogether, as I have some groups started by me that I do not want to leave alone.

Roger M said...

Oh, you are from Oslo!
I lived there from early 80s to late 90s. It was quite a few fantastic years.
Enjoy yourself. So many times I've been thinking back.
Please get in touch on ipernity, so I can get to see some more from Oslo......