Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flickr still under contention

Criss-cross by ausfi
Criss-cross, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
The photo really has nothing to do with the subject unless the ski tracks express confusion.

Jay Black started a Consumer Poll: ’Who wants to have the freedom to choose which Flickr interface they want to use?’ By now 2094 have said they want freedom.

Astro Boy 13 started a Petition: ’Change Flickr Back’ to send straight to the Yahoo’s CEO. It has now 3273 replies. A pity lots of people do not seem to know about it.

Trell Burton started ’Dear Marissa Meyer’. She got a mention in this article:

’Media taking notice at least’. , she says. ’A major newpaper wants to print this article now!’
Some people think that is self promotion. She says her goal was to bring this to media attention on behalf of many people . Why could it not be both!

Relaxer11 has a thread: Strike to the heart ! BOYCOTT SPONSORS !! This has a mixed reception.

Willowbeast says: ’ I am protesting this change by making my buddy icon black, my special new banner black and only uploading black image until we see satisfaction.
The black symbolizes the death of Flickr as we know it.’

elementaPaul says: ’I've never got the point of starting protest groups and such like to 'boycott Flickr'. Surely it would be easier to simply use another website and be done with it?! ’

According to The Searcher: ’Every time I see anyone attempt something positive they're attacked mercilessly by the angry mob.
I guess that's why all the people with positive opinions are just going on about their Flickr business. Why dive into this mess just to say "thank you"? ’

jakerome says: ’Oh please make a serious attempt at this & document the whole thing via blog. Will be very entertaining! ’

Thanks Jake, I had the idea even before I saw your reply. Should think there are several blogs :)

Some time ago the feedback thread had 19,918 replies.

I have gradually learned to use the new system though I still do not like the black and the justified. We should have to be given a choice.

Funny how many have been asking where things are and complaining that they have been taken away.  I'm used to finding things by clicking on different figures, trial and error!


ausfi said...

29.May. Flickr closed Astroboy 13's thread several days ago

ausfi said...

Jay Black's consumer poll was closed and redirected after 22 pages and 2135 replies. He had asked people to write only Freedom or Flickr, but of course some people could not help themselves and wrote complains.