Thursday, May 23, 2013

The importance of Flickr

Think Flickr Think

I like what was said on the article ”Yahoo: We're listening to user feedback about Flickr revamp” by

"Why companies make big changes to the site - because they are doing fundamental upgrade / redesign of their software. In order to radically improve features or improve maintainability, new code base is typically needed."
Usually that would be the case, however, they haven't replaced the old code. All they have done is added a slower, clunkier, more wasteful 'skin' to parts of the site. Worse still, they've added it to the users landing page. I thought the idea was to make the landing pages the quickest, then let the users opt for slower pages if desired?
No new value added, 
 no new features added, just a prettier (arguable), slower, less functional façade!

Something that this has taught me is how big a part Flickr has in my life. I have often gone to the Help Forum, to see what people are writing. Now there are several threads on the changes started by members. Six official topics started by the staff. The biggest thread is the feedback, at the moment 214 pages of 21,360 replies! Of course it has been impossible to read all of that, but I’ve looked at a few threads and even written there. And I have never written so many blogs!

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