Monday, May 20, 2013

17. May, day of children's processions and national costumes.

Untitled by ausfi
Untitled, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
We were lucky again with the 17. May (syttende mai), the constitution day, there were only a few showers of rain in Oslo. Everyone is supposed to dress in their best clothes (pynte seg). To the majority of Norwegians, it means to wear their "bunad", national dress, even many children do that. They are gorgeous, strong colours, beautiful complicated embroidery, expensive silver jewellery, often gold plated. Brooches which are fairly large cost over 2000 kroner, silver belts can be from 6000 to over 8000 kroner. These are for the Hardanger festival bunad, bought from the internett. You can expect to pay at least NOK 30,000 for one adult costume. Bunads are tailor-made.
Beautiful East-Tr√łndelag dress has two breast brooches, over 6000 kroner each.

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