Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For and against

152 pages written by users, over 15,000 posts. Here is one positive one.


"jasbond007 says:

Just want to say something good to the Flickr team. When I first saw the new format I wasn't happy, but now I've been working with it for a few hours I am feeling much better about this.

First of all, the justified views on my home page, photostream, sets and favorites work fine and are quite snappy on a MacBook Air with 4GB memory running in Safari. The new Flickr will however test the speed of your hardware and internet connection. If you just get spinning balls - and I do with full-screen view - there may be problems which have nothing to to with Flickr. Perhaps you need new hardware or a faster internet connection.

So I have been reading a lot of great comments from people who absolutely love the new Flickr interface. If you haven't I'd suggest you look around. Personally, I don't think it's perfect yet, there are a lot of bugs to be fixed, and there is a huge amount of misinformation, bitching, complaining and trolling going on.

Hang in there and keep learning how to use it, it's early days for the new Flickr. Don't think it's going back to the old Flickr, just sayin'."


I have just uploaded my last 200 pictures: All of them black canvas. R.I.P Flickr.
Let's everybody upload black canvas, and stop uploading at all untill they change it back to the real Flickr. "

This is from a letter from Flickr:" While we will not be reverting back to the prior version of Flickr, we do want to create a positive experience for all of our Flickr members. If you have any constructive feedback regarding recent changes, we would love to hear from you in our forums."

"Kyre Wood says: 6. Along with many other people, I used to use the comments section to display pictures as a series or subsidiary images to give background to the main picture. That is no longer possible.
7.I frequently used the "description" section as part of the title. It can still be done, but it no longer has the same visual impact.
8. There used to be a choice of display. I used to arrange it so that the top picture was displayed alongside the relevant set. This is no longer possible."

This last one, I used to do,  7. also. Extra photos of the same subject, maybe at different times, maybe different parts of the subjects, that would not be so effective if shown side by side. Now when only some of the comments are shown and you have to click for more, many of the photos do not show, if people are not interested in seeing more comments.

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