Friday, May 24, 2013


Light on snow by ausfi
Light on snow, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.
Witty nickname has a photo of the launch day and says:
Witty nickname says:
”They don't look too happy.
It's launch day and we had no choice and cannot voice our own opinions. Mean Marissa made us change Flickr.
It's also funny how a number of staff have removed commenting on their photostreams too.
The silence is deafening. ”

ColleenM’s answer is:
”It's not funny, it's sad. People were organizing mass hate attacks on staff photostreams. No wonder they turned commenting off.
I just hope that they feel safe again sometime in the future and turn it back on. It would be a really terrible outcome if staff are never again accessible to regular users because of the folks who organized the hate attacks. ”

That is so true, how can they attack the staff. They are working for Flickr/Yahoo but they are not the instigators. There are lots of replies where people demand an apology from Flickr. I think they should apologise for the attacks on the staff.

What do people expect? Do they mean that the staff should leave their employment and refuse to work for Flickr and possibly face unemployment, because users are not happy.

She also says: ” It is permanent. They cannot reassure you because what you hope for will not happen. What more can they say besides "It isn't going back."?
Attacking individuals on their individual personal photostreams because you are angry at their employer is cruel. ”

Can I apologize as I have not attacked them?  Maybe I should!

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