Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Old house by ausfi
Old house, a photo by ausfi on Flickr.

This tree is as desolate as I feel at the moment.
It does not feel good to know that all these close to 16 thousand posts that are mostly negative, will have no effect, we have already been told that nothing will be changed back. They allow this thread so people could come and complain, pour out their heart, hoping people gradually get tired and accept it all.

My heart aches when I have this memory of the former first page, with either larger or smaller photos, showing the last uploads, you could already see several details. It looked so ordered, so tidy.
There we re always some people who wished for a justified view on the photostream but I really thought that would not be possible. Now we can see how bad the idea was.

By the way, to get to the HF, just click on a photo to get to the photo and stop the flow, then you can easily scroll down.

They had put up huge posters on the Times Square to show people's new photostreams, of course they dont want egg on their faces going back from that.

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