Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And so it continues!

P1010048P1010049The march is starting
Old house
Criss-crossSkiing area next to ski jumpView from HolmenkollenJohn LeventhorpRobert Wedow
John LoweMargaret PeytonA priestThomas Peyton, EsqKnightVoileipäkakku
ausfi's photostream on Flickr.

This collection is what you get if you want to change the banner to your own photo. The banner was the first thing I saw when I opened the 'new' Flickr. It gave me a great shock. I cannot remember which photo Flickr had given me (a strange photo) , but I have to laugh when people mention 'the horrible seagulls'. The photo might have been quite nice, but people found it an intruder.

177 pages and over 17 600 replies. A good example:
"Flickr, please go back to the old look. I loved my little start page where I could see the yellow "new activity" sign pop up... like I had a little prize waiting for me on the other side. I LOVED seeing my image activity count go up. I loved my sets on the side panel begging people to take a closer look at my stuff.

The new look is heavy and opressive and makes me NOT want to look at my own images let alone anyone elses. PLEASE give me the option to stay with the old look. I can't stand the new format."

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