Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The END of this account (on Flickr)

The END of this account by okalbum
The END of this account, a photo by okalbum on Flickr.
Okalbum, I hope you do not mind that I use your photo on the death of Flickr.
Marissa said she looked a lot to mobile when undertaking the new design. Marcus: Photos are important to both older and younger demographing. And the new design greatly simplifies use to appeal to all ages.
T.O question : What changes have you made internally to ensure that Tumblr does turn into a Flickr like acquisition (meaning a failure)?
The gall of them! 117 pages posted now, today going over 12,000 entries, a few of them positive. Yet, many have already left for Ipernity, who are making programs so people can turn all their photos to Ipernity.

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