Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Well put on Flickr.

Trell Burton | says:

"Let’s not forget anyone with an ounce of sense can see this was designed by someone with much youth and not much experience at life. Clearly someone with no understanding of photography. 

Let’s not forget the deafening silence from Yahoo and Flickr and Mayar during the first 24 hours of their new site while they sit hiding reading all the feedback while 15,000 photographers at least panic about who shit on their work. Where are you Marissa? Are you afraid to speak to your customers? Or where there just so many pleas for help that you decided to disable Flickr help support until you can figure out what to do or wait for it all to blow over? This will not blow over for me. And Marrisa, with 12 photos on your Flickr account, and having been a member since December 2012 – what exactly is it you think you understand about Flickr? Not as much as us, clearly.

You have cut off the majority of UK users as we simply don’t have the bandwidth the site requires to operate. I’m guessing you knew this already. Not only that, many of us cannot even download the photos we paid and trusted you to look after. The first response I got form your help team told me it was my fault. It was my browser, it was my firewall, I need a faster connection. Grow up! It’s because you have changed the site, I changed nothing on my computer. The second response was deafening silence and that silence continues.

I, along with many others, have invested almost a decade on my Flickr account – uploading the millions of pictures you are so fond of quoting to speak of your site’s success and we never deserted you despite alterations and rumours of site obscurity. We’ve adapted to all your changes and embraced the good ones. None have been as diabolical as this one. All the others were little add ons to make the experience better and the site more functional – for photography. "

She can put it so much better than I can. It really was amazing that we did not hear a piip from them on the Help Forum. Thea Lampkin promised that she and others would read everything we wrote. They clearly did not expect over 17,000 replies, It would need sitting at the computer for hours and hours, I have been able to read just a fraction, though I love HF

Later I actually found a reply by eMiLy fairly early on some questions, but that was all.

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ausfi said...

At the moment, 28 May at 16:49,'
there are 293 pages and 29,000 replies on the official feedback.