Thursday, May 23, 2013


Why is it that people have so many problems if something changes? The Flickr photostream is now justified so it keeps scrolling down , the justified has pages, but they include so many photos. When I first starting using it, I wanted to get down to the Help Forum but it just kept scrolling so it seemed impossible to get to the bottom. I was annoyed and puzzled for a while but then I just clicked on a photo and from the photo page it was easy to get down, just like before. Now people even come to the Forum to ask help for this problem. I don't believe that my IQ is that high, surely it should not be so hard to find a solution.

To many it has also been difficult to find other things that have been put to another place. Like the former Action, where you can add to groups and sets, see EXIF etc. This is now three dots (...)! But just use trial and error.

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